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Season 4 4-2 :: Crisis Crossover

Posted by NerdyShow on March 5, 2011

Crossovers! Always great conversation-starters. Nerds have been getting their rocks off to the notion of two cool franchises crossing paths long before Aliens met Predator, or the Jetsons met the Flintstones. It’s as old as the game of “who’d win in a fight?”, and that might be as old as cave men! (A moment of silence for the brave souls felled by megafauna, due to Stone Age dares.) This month, crossovers are well in fashion and Nerdom is in the throes of some epic and uncanny battles: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and IDW’s comics event, Infestation. We’ll be discussing these and other crossovers, past and present, and of course, other ass-kicking geekery in all 36 chambers of awesome.


For Round 2 in this mash-up marathon – it’s a double-sized video game segment! Comics and video games combine and the Fate of Two Worlds are at stake!  No, we’re not just talking about the long, long, long-awaited return of Marvel Vs. Capcom, but also the new MMORPG, DC Universe Online! We review both games , geek out about their mutual, mega-coolness, and get critical with some key flaws.  Learn of one man’s quest to turn MvC3 into the sexiest sparring match ever, Triforce Mike’s DCUO hero, and most shocking of all… The WINNERS of our first Minecraft Build-A-Thon!

Can’t wait to hear who the winners are and why we picked ’em? Adventure onward to the winning entries!

minecraft build-a-thon winners

  1. Future Foundation :: Adam Warrock
  2. Ryu :: zircon & Joshua Morse
  3. Kirby :: The Side Quest
  4. Bulbasaur :: mc117


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