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Dungeons & Doritos :: Greetings From Corney Island

Posted by NerdyShow on March 13, 2011

dnd11 newWelcome weary traveler. Sit for a spell.  I can see that though your body is weary you hunger for adventure.  Here, please, have some Fiery Buffalo Doritos to nourish your bones.

What? A story? I’ve many stories to tell.  Mayhaps you’ve heard of DUNGEONS & DORITOS?

A New Beginning!

New to Dungeons & Doritos?  Never fear!  Much like a comic book, at the end of every story line there’s always a new point to jump on. What began as a one-off Nerdy Show special, became a full-fledged ongoing series with a life of its own.  Now, that story continues with a new #1, er… make that 11! (Why clutter it up with new numbering?)

Join Brian as Jen’Ifer the Tiefling, Cap as Jamela the Dragonborn, Hex as Vimak the Goliath, and Triforce Mike as the chair-turned-dwarf, called Chair and Colin as their mysterious new companion, Barty, on mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips.

Embark on adventure:



How did it all start? Look no further, dear friend. Past episodes of Dungeons & Doritos can be found here: Dungeons & Doritos – BOOK I


The adventure isn’t all that’s new- this is a new era for Dungeons & Doritos.  We’re gearing up make the show a regular occasion and a MAJOR feature. We’ve got some crazy plans in the works and some that have already come to fruition… BEHOLD:

The Dungeons & Doritos SHIRT


DnD Dungeons and Doritos Shirt

Click to embiggen

That’s right- when we say we’re working on something big, we ain’t foolin’! Click HERE to get a Dungeons & Doritos shirt of your very own. The shirt features totally metal art by Local-Shop and Cap featuring not only Chair, Jan’Ifer, Vimak, and Jamela -but also: Galdap, Barty, Wolfbear, Gladriel, the Erotic Pangolin, The Helm of Infinite Doritos, Hyenamen, Birds, and even Chair’s cockroach! Boosh!

These shirts premiered at the latest Dungeons & Doritos Event hosted bi-monthly at A Comic Shop’s Geek Easy in Orlando, FL.  It’s an evening of tabletop adventure and delicious snacks – come one, come all!  Oftentimes Ruel is there bringing the Sagas action. Check out the Facebook Group fro more info and event times.

And dig this- we’ve got more D&D awesomeness ready to rocket!  We just need to know that you want it. Best way you can show us that? Buy a shirt! Let your D&D love be heard and the spice will flow.  Look what’s in store:

dice bags, poster_____________________________________


  1. A Quest for Dip (Theme to Dungeons & Doritos) :: Level 99
  2. Guybrush Threepwood – Pirate Shout :: audio fidelity feat. Eric Griffin, Derek Meler, Marcus Affeldt
  3. Ocean Theme :: Jeremy Soule
  4. Bubble Bobble Bubble’s Decision :: Dale North & Mustin
  5. LeChuck – Voodoo, Roots ‘n Grog :: Diggi Dis feat. Alex Jones
  6. Ambience – Jungle Village :: Jeremy Soule
  7. Shredder – Enter the Shredder :: Danimal Cannon

To kick off all the epic newness of this new chapter of Dungeons & Doritos, our good pal Stevo (aka Level 99) has bequeathed upon us a Dungeons & Doritos THEME. It is truly momentous. Someday we hope to be as epic as our new intro suggests. Most of the rest of the episode’s musical interludes are from the recently released Heroes vs. Villains compilation from both Bad Dudes and OverClocked ReMix remixing committees, bringing opposing hero and villain themes together as remixed by “opposing” Bad Dude and OverClocked ReMix artists. The OCR peeps took on the hero themes, and the Bad Dudes, appropriately, handled all the villains. In addition to those tracks there’s also a couple excerpts from Jeremy Soule’s ambient score to Secret of Evermore.

Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios (Totally Updated!):

CHAIR :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak :: Barty



A fantasy of the “Beachtime Fun” that’s probably never going to happen for our heroes, by Tony Baldini:

DnD Dungeons and Doritos Corney Island

Submit your Dungeons & Doritos Fan Art to

  • Mythos

    The new dude has one hell of a voice. I approve.

  • Tolan

    I want those dice.

  • Dave

    I would also like a set of those dice.



  • Bryan

    -head ‘splosion-

  • Dave

    Video Killed the Radio star, Nerdy show went and raised him from the dead… YAAY!

  • Dave

    what’s so cool about Barty is that the distortion from his mike complements his accent and gives him this whole prohibition-era radio vibe.

  • Dave

    *mike above being “mic” as in “microphone”

  • Amon

    Most excellent. New Dungeons and Doritos! New campaign, same old madness. Also, I want those dice as well *demand!*

  • Cap


    Originally Vimak (you) was/were looking at Wolfbear. I provided the background and had to do some rearranging to make the elements come together.

    Let’s just say he’s amused that Chair, in all his retardedness, is STILL wearing the sunglasses upside down.

    • Cap! I want to ask you something! Could you help with a Dragonborn that I have been making for a year now. I started her a year back and worked on her background, but I can get anything. Could ya help me? Maybe my Dragonborn was from the same place yours came from or something? Help!!!!

  • Cap


    Then buy a shirt! We can’t afford to make ’em otherwise.

  • Dan Blake

    Those dice look great, and I’m definitely getting one of those t-shirts!

  • Cap

    @Dan Blake

    I juuust addressed your envelope. (If you know what I mean)

  • Hey Cap, here is the arts i promised, sorry it took so long to finish, the fire balls sucked 😛

    Enjoy, the black and white is also up on the deviant art.

  • localshop

    This is my favorite fanart of Jamela. YOU’RE A RAD DUDE

  • Tolan

    So. Now that I’ve actually listened to it, this is my opinion. 

    Loved the theme song and most of the music, although I felt that the shredder track came on kind of abruptly. 

    It seem Barty’s personality matches jeni’fer a little to closely, it’s sending the whole party spiraling towards chaotic evil. 

    On the players being to strong for the monsters, I feel your pain, dude. I have the same problem with my group. Week after week I send tougher and tougher monsters after them (to the point of my feeling bad because I’m CERTAIN that I’m sending them against a TPK) and all it seems to do is level them up faster. It’s a problem.

    Also, matasm’s pic rocked. 

  • LichLord

    Tolan, I hear ya. I’ve ran a few games where I had to over-level the enemies to even be a challenge.

  • spudwalt

    Once again, Jen’Ifer demonstrates that there is no problem that cannot be solved by burning everything in sight.

    I’m liking this new guy, Barty. It seems like he’ll be a neat addition to the party, and not only because it gives Jamela somebody to have a raging crush on. Barty seems like he’d make a decent rogue-type character.

    Also, I agree with Tolan about the difficulty level… or rather, the lack thereof. I mean, that dragon-lizard thing barely got a chance to attack, and the only reason Chair almost died is because of Jen’Ifer (which is probably a rather common hazard for this little group of misfits). It makes for added hilarity, but it’d also be kinda neat to see them struggle a bit every now and then.

    Aw, dagnabit, I’m going to have to wait a month for the next one, aren’t I?

  • LSG

    Excellent Episode as usual but I don’t think this is a good place for new views to pick up at. If anything for new viewers I would say they should start at The Labrador and the Laboratory as that starts the “World Enders” Arc.

  • fenrir gochad

    Yes! Another great episode of D&D! I love it! All the same madness that I love… Keep up the great work guys!

  • @localshop

    Your’e a rad dude! Huzzah!

    If theres anyone who wants something done I am considering taking commissions and am always taking suggestions on my deviant art. and there will be more dnd fan art sirs! my goal is to have at least one peice each time you put up and episode. so keep them coming

  • Cap

    Freaking awesome!

  • @Cap

    Just joined the forums, but hey i was wondering, Is barty a Rogue or a bard? i couldn’t find it on his character sheet. So just curious

  • usagiboy

    Dear D&D crew, Thank you for shining a light into a dark place. I DM in Japan and well… things are pretty messed up now. In-laws missing, family without roofs and inside the 20km radius of the nuclear plant. Staring at the TV, holding my breath with each aftershock, I can’t say thank you enough for your efforts towards making the world a happier place. Thank you to your country… all those ships and helicopters, dogs and rescue workers. Thank you.

  • Cap

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us, man. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now. I’m glad we could lighten things up for even a moment, in this bleak time. Our thoughts are with you. Hang in there man.

    For people looking to donate to disaster relief- do whatever you can, but you might be interested to know that Pixelh8 is spearheading a music-based relief fundraiser:

    That’s something I need to clarify – I believe he’s a rogue, but classes work a bit differently in Sagas. If I remember correctly Colin chose something called a Gleeman, hence Barty’s last name. That would be a good point of discussion before the next episode.

  • Amon

    @Cap what an excellent idea sir! Paypal for the win and my shirt’s been ordered!

  • “It is truly monotonous.” <— fixed it for you.


  • Kitsu

    I’ve been listening to these things from the beginning, and I’d just like to say that you guys get better in every way with every episode. I give you all a thumbs up.

  • Colin

    Cap is right, Barty is what’s called a Gleeman in Sagas–a traveling actor/showman/scoundrel. Gleeman characters are sub-sections of the broader Rogue class.

  • lobster_writer

    I would LOVE some of those dice

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  • Hesjing

    I tried not to laugh at first, when i got 1/3 of the way, my stomach was in cramps and i could not breath…

    Recommendation: don’t play Fear2 and listen to this…
    At least i could not continue to play… laughing to hard

  • studiomilam

    YARRRR! Monkey Island FTW!!!!

  • Parker Nelson

    Damn i ordered the shirt Friday and it already showed up!
    Another great episode as usual! can’t wait for the next one, and I’m definitely getting the poster when you release it,

    And if you guys ever make a set of dice with a d20 and all that I’ll probably get those too lol

  • Cap

    @Parker Nelson Awesome, man! Take a picture of yourself and be our first Nerd-in-Action with a D&D shirt! Hopefully custom d20s are not out of the question, we’re still looking into it.

  • Kaz

    So, wait, are you going back and changing the older episodes? Or did I just mis-hear.

  • Cap


    Yeah, we are going back and doing that. We haven’t released any yet, it’s a secondary project. Don’t worry, we’re not Lucasizing anything. I’m not even adding sound effects. Mostly it’s to correct audio levels, edit out some bit of dead air, and have fewer song breaks. Basically make them more listenable.

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