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Culturesode :: UnCONditional Love

Posted by Hex on March 28, 2011

Con season has officially kicked-off, and Team Nerdy Show is recovering from Megacon and SXSW. We’ll have a full report on those specific shenanigans soon enough, but first we wanted to give some love to every Con everywhere and get Confrontational with Con Culture.

No nerdy convention is complete without throngs of cosplayers, and in this culturesode we interview one of the best: Featherweight!  The man behind the most famous Atomic Robo cosplay.  We also talk to comedy rapper extraordinaire, Devo Spice, who schools us on performing at conventions and shares secrets from his forthcoming album. It’s Hex, Kristin and Cap as well as … Jonna, who shares with us her own costuming prowess.

Join in with us as we express our UnCONditional Love for our nerdy passions, be they costuming, video games, comics, or robots.


  1. Japanese Demons (Oni Theme) :: Adam WarRock
  2. The Mighty Mighty Pokemon :: Level 99
  3. I Think Therefore I Rock :: The Consortium of Genius I Think Therefore I Rock - Music For Supervillains
  4. Amaterasu :: Pelicaine!
  5. Nothin’ But A Geek Thang (ft. Worm Quartet) :: Devo Spice
  6. Enhanced :: Devo Spice
  7. The Transformers Theme :: John Anealio
  8. Duvet (Boa Cover) :: Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire


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