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Little Big Planet 2 :: Crazy Community Levels

Posted by Jon on February 21, 2011

Little Big Planet 2, Sack people community

As we discussed at length in our most recent Video Game Minisode, Little Big Planet 2 has truly delivered on it’s promise to have a better level creator than the original. The community hasn’t wasted any time testing out their new abilities and cutting their teeth by developing a new generation of levels showcasing some of the latest LBP tricks. We’ve seen dupes of NES classics, stylistically interesting new games, and even a surge of people using the game to make machinima short films. The game has only been out for about a month and the flood of new levels and innovations is only on the increase. In the Minisode we touched on a few of our favorite levels in the vast sea of levels out there – but there’s a lot.  So we thought we’d share some gems we think you’ll love.

-The Miracle of Life-

by poms

This level’s a carry over from Little Big Planet 1, but it was crazy then, and it’s still crazy now. It chronicles the story of the sperm (you) from the male’s testes, all the way through the sperm combining with the egg. In between is a crazy amount of freakish creatures, giant teeth filled monsters (like half the screen…), alien forms of transportation, and all around terrors from the depths…

-Vietnam:FPS Advanced (With Co-Op Support)-

by PPp_Killer

Make Epic Beard Man proud by fighting the V.C. in NAM. This level puts you down barrel in a side scrolling shooting gallery version of the Vietnam war. After a brief literal shooting gallery to help train you up for the real thing, you get in “the shit” and have to fight your way through legions of soldiers in the jungle. Leveraging some of the new abilities that LBP2 has over the original, this level is in “first person”, with clear sack boy arms holding the rifle in front of you the entire time.


by LittleBigPartner

You know things are getting weird when Toyota is holding a contest in LBP2. The gist of it is this; play there level, use there stuff to make a high quality pro-Prius level, profit (by way of a new 3D TV, and move package). So what’s their level like? Super green (tech and otherwise) and weird. You start off in a tree house, there are these super happy flower hat wearing sack people everywhere, and you’ve got to go to town. After some distance of travel you finally make it to your wind powered garage, where you then get in your Prius and drive to town. The town itself if an overhead driving mini-game sort of thing where you collect bubbles and prizes (what’s new?) while dodging other cars and huge squirrels (hitting them drops your score). Returning to the entrance ends the level with a triumphant sunset return to your super green wilderness home. Cue “Shiny Happy People”.  Not really.

-Prius_Prius Fights Back-

by Hymanator

An entry for the LBP2 Prius contest mentioned before, this one has a very entertaining element to it. After going to the dealership to get a new car (a Prius obviously), your car decides to go fight pollution. With the press of a button, the Prius that your driving literally transforms (transformer style) into a pollution zapping machine. You then fly around the remainder of the stage blasting smog clouds and restoring burning forests to their “green” equivalent.

-Omicron – Neon City-

by urbandevill

This level (more like the beginning of what could be a game in itself) has a crazy art style ( think Moonside from Earthbound). Neon colors in what is otherwise mostly complete black nothingness, a little hint of that feeling you get when you watch Blade Runner. This game is based on the now classic Quantic Dream PC game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul.  The level is either an experiment (an impressive one!) or incomplete.  All we get from the story so far is that your professor friend (everyone has one of those right?) wants to show you something. Needless to say things go horribly wrong, and we’ll have to wait to see what happened until the next one.

-Corridors of Madness-

by foofles

This game is impressive if for no other reason than it’s style alone. It makes use of LBP2’s movie making features for the intro, and tosses you into an alien takeover scenario. You are the captain of your ship, and as best you know your entire crew has been killed by the invading aliens. Here the real game starts, walk down the ships corridors in first person, blast monsters as they approach old school style (this game has a super retro feel). Explore rooms for useful items to use against the aliens. Oh yeah, also it has multiple endings depending on what you do, so don’t mess up things for the human race, OK?

-Galactic Base Defense-

by urbandevill

A LBP2 take on the classic castle defense style game. Four levels of increasing difficulty and three different types of defenses to deploy against the insect horde. Tower upgrades are available for extra stopping power. The only drawback seems to have more to do with the limitations of making a GUI (Graphic User Interface) in LBP2 than anything else (specifically only having 3 types of defenses, although users might find clever ways around this apparent problem).


As time goes on we’re sure to see more incredible feats as the players/designers get better with all of LBP2’s improvements.  Maybe you’ve even designed a level or two.  Comment here or post on the forums and let us know what you’re up to in the Little Big Planet community.

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