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Culture Minisode: Cars of Culture

Posted by Hex on February 14, 2011

Cap, Hex, and Kristin riding the DeLoreanEver thought cars were just for gear heads and grease monkeys and not the realm of nerdy pontification!? Well, prepare to be illuminated! This month’s cultural minisode features some nerdy aspects of vehicular obsessions that will make even the most motorphobic of geeks raise an eyebrow in interest! Featuring an interview with a pair of Top Gear enthusiasts with a beautiful dream and television rocker, Phil Etting, of Stay Tuned.


  1. Running in the 90s :: Sabrepulse
  2. Jackie Chan :: 8Bit Duane’s Action Adventure World *EXCLUSIVE*
  3. Dukes of Hazzard/King of the Hill :: Stay Tuned Dukes of Hazzard / King of the Hill - The Last T.V. Dinner
  4. Gilligan’s Island :: Stay Tuned Gilligan's Island - The Last T.V. Dinner
  5. Nerdcore Now :: Beefy
  6. Still More Fighting :: Random Encounter *EXCLUSIVE*
  7. Cry of the Planet :: Mega Ran Cry of the Planet - Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII
  8. Blues Brothers v. the Sparks – This Town :: DJ Le Clown


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