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A Comic Show 2.23.11

Posted by Triforce Mike on February 22, 2011

It’s that time of the week again. Comic book news! Aaron and I dishin out the good stuff. We’re like your dealers, but instead of drugs we give you comic news. Like a suppository that gets you totally wasted. Then you swim in the toilet and have one of those Trainspotting moments, with a dead baby. Nick Spencer, our new boyfriend, has a Marvel book coming out, it’s about that cool black dude from the Iron Man movie, Gray Iron Man, or Warmachine. Other cool stuff we talk about is death issues and Crossed, which is kinda like a deaths issue.

Okay, you. Let’s have a serious conversation, message me on my Formspring. We can talk about comic books, video games, dungeons and dragons, Chair, and Pokémon. I’ve had enough of your bullsh!t, so lets dish it out!

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