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Posted by Hex on January 30, 2011

Hey this is hex! As you know, I run Nerdapalooza as well as work on Nerdy Show. We have a blog over there I try to update regularly, but I’ll also be hosting it over here as a way to keep y’all informed on the upcoming awesomeness of it. The following is a copy of the blog from over there:

It’s already January 2011, and the Nerdapalooza team is already hard at work making this event a new milestone in the festival’s history. We’re already close to locking down the venue and date to this year’s event and look forward to announcing that as soon as we can. While we’re waiting to announce all that, we DO have some stuff to announce to build up anticipation for this year’s event…

In case you missed the news, Nerdy Show acquired an online radio station called 8BitFM: a stream dedicated to running nerd music 24-7. There are Nerdapalooza favorites over there like MC Frontalot, the Protomen, Schaffer the Darklord, and Devo Spice, just to name a few. They have almost 3,000 nerdy tracks playing in rotation over there, getting more every week, with plans to expand the station to something even grander! Why not give it a listen?

Next up, a bit of nerdy news. We have three albums to report about, one that is released, one that is about to release, and one that needs your help. First up, we have The OneUps, living legends in the video game inspired music scene, and one of the most eclectic and dynamic bands out there. They recently released Intergalactic Redux, a funky tribute to some classic video game music. You’ll want to check it out. Second, our good friend, Mega Ran, is about to drop his hip-hop tribute to Final Fantasy 7, Black Materia. You can wander over to his bandcamp and listen to a sample and even pre-order. From what we’ve heard, this is going to be one of the best releases of the year, so why not kick the year off right?

Central Florida video game rockers, Random Encounter, are about to release what sounds like an historic album – not just for the genre, but for all music. It’ll be the FIRST album to be mastered utilizing a new revolutionary three-dimensional audio playback techniques EVER! This is just the tip of the iceberg of the treats they have planned with this release, and they need your help making it happen! Head on over to their Kickstarter for more details.

For a while now, we’ve been getting a LOT of questions on when and how artists can apply to perform at Nerdapalooza 2011. We LOVE the enthusiasm! We’re just going to ask that you be a little patient with us, as they are developing a new automated system to make everything easier for everyone involved. We’re expecting to have this feature available in just a matter of weeks, so keep the RSS feed warm until we announce the new application.

For those that need another reason to reminisce on last year’s event (or another reason to make the trek out to the next event), there was an AMAZING article recently written up about us over at Substream Music: Revenge of the Nerds. A pretty extensive article showcasing nerd music equally with Nerdapalooza, it includes a notable interview with none other than Del The Funky Homosapien. Our favorite quote, though, has to be…

Baseball has the World Series, WWE has WrestleMania… Nerd Music has Nerdapalooza


That’s it for now. We’re going to get back to work, and we hope to see you in just a few months. 🙂

Much nerdy love,


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