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See the Future 1.11.11

Posted by Cat on January 7, 2011

Where the frack has Nerdy Show been the last month?  Surely running 8-bit fm and celebrating the holidays haven’t slowed them down this much?

Well… I’ve been working on something big.  Allow me to differ you to a mysterious posting made this afternoon over at Consequence of Sound:

Three decades ago, when you turned on the tube in the middle of the night, you didn’t know what you’d see. Television was experimental back then…and like any good drug, musicians, film makers, and viewers were experimenting with it. Making something…different.

Where’s the mystery now? Where’s that visceral video experience? What dial is there for you to turn and have your brain flooded with an ocean of amazing new images?


The past is the future. And we are all together. Goo goo goo joob.

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Cat is Executive Producer of The Nerdy Show Network as well as Lead Host of the titular Nerdy Show podcast and one of the site's founders. Her illustration, graphic design, and writing both journalistic and fictitious have appeared in various publications and public spaces.

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