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Season 4 Episode 3 :: Drinkin’ Juice With My Home Bears

Posted by NerdyShow on January 22, 2011

Oh snap! This episode was recorded in early December, but daaaaamn. Ish was effed up! That Gummiberry Juice got us krunked, yo! We’ve been bouncin’ off the walls ’round here ain’t nothin’ slowin us down! Well, except then we ran out of Gummiberry Juice and that Grammi Gummi stopped coughin’ up the good stuff. I’m gonna level with ya… Nerdy Show did things we ain’t proud of. Plenty more we can’t even remember. Suffice it to say that piecing this beast together was the least of our concerns when Dunwyn’s finest started knockin’ on our door.

That said- here it is! Episode 3 of Season 4. We did things a bit differently. To make sure you get your regularly scheduled Nerdy Show safe and sound via your iTunes subscription- we released the segments over a few days. So now we bring you the full “classic-style” Drinkin’ Juice With My Home Bears.  Seriously, guys… Don’t be a menace to Gummi Glen, they’ve been through enough.

Episode 3-1 :: Intro & Video Games + US-1 Fan Love Contest Winners

First up! Our episode introduction and our first segment: Video Games, with your hosts- Brandon and Jonna. We review Epic Mickey and get into Peter David’s digicomic prequel, Tales of the Wasteland, as well as get into talk about Telltale Game’s Back to the Future, Force Unleashed 2‘s DLC, what Mike’s playin’ on his iPhone, plus other game chatter.

But before all that… a little something you’ve been waiting far, far too long for: The US-1 Fan Love Contest WINNERS!

In this episode we reveal the winning entries and discuss what makes their fan love so great. Click the above image to blast on ahead to the contest page and the winning entries, or listen in:

Get Episode 3-1 HERE


  1. Walking Dope :: Wordburglar
  2. Spacebound & Down :: Luke McDuffee
  3. Gummibears :: Doctor Octoroc
  4. Arab Rock :: Girlz Melon

The US-1 Fan Love Contest:


Episode 3-2 :: Comic Books & Sci-Tech

Superman is the granddaddy of the superhero game, but people don’t like him any more – what gives? We talk about the arguments against Supes, and then get into what’s makes him so great RIGHT NOW. Yes, we’re in the midst of a Superman renaissance and there’s some cool shit goin’ on that you need to know about. J.M.S’s Super successes and failings, Lex Luthor getting his own awesome comic… find out how cool the original cape has become. Plus what’s cool in the world of Spider-Man spin-offs, and what the Internet thnks about the Green Lantern movie.

Next, in sci-tech, things get cosmic. One of our most intense sci-tech segments ever. First we get into over arsenic life, the little microbial lifeforms that went on to be high rollers in out Top 20 Nerdy Things of 2010. Then things spiral into nerd violence as Jon, Hex, and Brain get into a science fight over the Drake Equation. The secrets that lurk in the darkness of space can drive men mad, and give them Space AIDS.

Get Episode 3-2 HERE


  1. Black Ranger :: A-1
  2. No Capes :: Adam Warrock
  3. A Wave of Reason :: Symphony of Science
  4. Rape of the Sugarplum Faeries :: Natty


Episode 3-3 :: Nerd Music feat. Megaran & K-Murdock + Minecraft Contest Announcement

The final segment of Episode 3! When all pieces unite it’s big enough to defend the nondescript city against Rita Repulsa’s minions.

First up is the music segment, in which Hex and Cap interview the mightiest duo in Nerdcore – Random and K-Murdock, who combined to form Forever Famicom. This was on the last leg of their first tour as a duo and they rapped us a new asshole at A Comic Shop’s Geek Easy. Thrill with us to their origin story, what the nerd music scene looks like from the perspective of a Sony-signed artist, and what future projects loom on the horizon. We also debate about what’s the slickest time travel ride, ’cause, ya know… why not?

And finally… we mentioned it last month on the Nerdy Show/ OCAD ReMixMas Special… Our first Minecraft contest is here!

This contest is gonna be a ton of fun and there are some amazing prizes lined up. Listen to the episode to hear us talk about the contest and the treasures awaiting you. And then click the banner above to find out how to enter. Be sure to read all the rules to ensure that your entry qualifies! And also build in style with a skin from our contest co-sponsor, Minecraft-Skins.

Get Episode 3-3 HERE


  1. Forever :: Random & K-Murdock feat. Emilie Bogrand Forever - Forever Famicom
  2. Epoch :: Random & K-Murdock Epoch - Forever Famicom
  3. Barbramyte (DJs From Mars Fm Rmx) :: DJs From Mars
  4. Gymnopédies – La 1 ère – Lent Et Douloureux :: Erik Satie 3 Gymnopédies: No. 1 - Satie: The Complete Solo Piano Music
  5. Robocrunk :: Mechasword


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