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Season 4 Episode 3-2 :: Drinkin’ Juice With My Home Bears

Posted by NerdyShow on January 19, 2011


Oh snap! This episode was recorded in early December, but daaaaamn. Ish was effed up! That Gummiberry Juice got us krunked, yo! We’ve been bouncin’ off the walls ’round here ain’t nothin’ slowin us down! Well, except then we ran out of Gummiberry Juice and that Grammi Gummi stopped coughin’ up the good stuff. I’m gonna level with ya… Nerdy Show did things we ain’t proud of. Plenty more we can’t even remember. Suffice it to say that piecing this beast together was the least of our concerns when Dunwyn’s finest started knockin’ on our door.

That said- here it is! Episode 3 of Season 4. We’re gonna do things a bit differently. To make sure you get your regularly scheduled Nerdy Show safe and sound via your iTunes subscription- we’re releasing the segments over a few days. So this week look forward to all parts of Drinkin’ Juice With My Home Bears… and seriously, guys… Don’t be a menace to Gummi Glen, they’ve been through enough.


Aw yeah! Part two- comic books and sci-tech time!

Superman is the granddaddy of the superhero game, but people don’t like him any more – what gives? We talk about the arguments against Supes, and then get into what’s makes him so great RIGHT NOW. Yes, we’re in the midst of a Superman renaissance and there’s some cool shit goin’ on that you need to know about.  J.M.S’s Super successes and failings, Lex Luthor getting his own awesome comic… find out how cool the original cape has become.  Plus what’s cool in the world of Spider-Man spin-offs, and what the Internet thnks about the Green Lantern movie.

Next, in sci-tech, things get cosmic.  One of our most intense sci-tech segments ever.  First we get into over arsenic life, the little microbial lifeforms that went on to be high rollers in out Top 20 Nerdy Things of 2010.  Then things spiral into nerd violence as Jon, Hex, and Brain get into a science fight over the Drake Equation. The secrets that lurk in the darkness of space can drive men mad, and give them Space AIDS.


  1. Black Ranger :: A-1
  2. No Capes :: Adam Warrock
  3. A Wave of Reason :: Symphony of Science
  4. Rape of the Sugarplum Faeries :: Natty


  • Ghouleh

    On the music front, I just have to say: New Symphony of Science song. YES.

    About Superman. Mmm. That is a… Difficult subject. At first I thought that his appeal affected only the American public, but I know a couple huge Superman nerds back here, too.
    Me, I don’t like him not one bit. Triforce Mike’s argument about him aspiring to humanity was pretty convincing and added a lot more depth to a character I considered fairly two-dimensional. Still, there’s this whole context which you just can’t escape from if you hope to understand the character. As pretty much all superheroes, he may have evolved during his passage through time, but, again, as all superheroes, he is still tied to a core of values and ideals which I just can’t bring myself to like. And yet… I respect him.

    About Green Lantern. I have never ever read a Green Lantern comic, and it still baffled me how people thought John Stewart to be the one and only. That’s almost an offence. Credit must be given where it is due, though, he was by far my favorite character in that Justice League Unlimited show. He just had so much depth, and even though I revere Batman, I just couldn’t see how you could fit that much perspective into him(for that show), and for that, at least as a voice ignorant to the entire co(s)mic universe, I salute John Stewart.

    Also, I may have not paid due attention to the episode, but… Why is “Sailor Moon” on the tags?

  • Cap


    There was a joke about Sailor Scouts when I was affirming Pluto not being a planet.

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  • Tolan

    Just wanted to say, I’ve been reading a book lately called men of tomorrow, which said that superman was not a metaphor for America (although he works as one) but more specifically, he was a metaphor for Jewish immigrants coming to america.

    Also, I wanted to point out that, like Mickey mouse, superman was also a bit of a bastard back then. Early appearances showed him threatening woman and terrorizing criminals for the fun of it. Guess all the old characters have some dirty laundry hidden away somewhere.

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