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Season 4 Episode 3-1 :: Drinkin’ Juice With My Home Bears

Posted by NerdyShow on January 18, 2011


Oh snap!  This episode was recorded in early December, but daaaaamn.  Ish was effed up! That Gummiberry Juice got us krunked, yo!  We’ve been bouncin’ off the walls ’round here ain’t nothin’ slowin us down!  Well, except then we ran out of Gummiberry Juice and that Grammi Gummi stopped coughin’ up the good stuff.  I’m gonna level with ya… Nerdy Show did things we ain’t proud of.  Plenty more we can’t even remember. Suffice it to say that piecing this beast together was the least of our concerns when Dunwyn’s finest started knockin’ on our door.

That said- here it is! Episode 3 of Season 4.  We’re gonna do things a bit differently.  To make sure you get your regularly scheduled Nerdy Show safe and sound via your iTunes subscription- we’re releasing the segments over a few days.  So this week look forward to all parts of Drinkin’ Juice With My Home Bears… and seriously, guys… Don’t be a menace to Gummi Glen, they’ve been through enough.


First up! Our episode introduction and our first segment: Video Games, with your hosts- Brandon and Jonna. We review Epic Mickey and get into Peter David’s digicomic prequel, Tales of the Wasteland, as well as get into talk about Telltale Game’s Back to the Future, Force Unleashed 2‘s DLC, what Mike’s playin’ on his iPhone, plus other game chatter.

But before all that… a little something you’ve been waiting far, far too long for: The US-1 Fan Love Contest WINNERS!

In this episode we reveal the winning entries and discuss what makes their fan love so great.  Click the above image to blast on ahead to the contest page and the winning entries, or listen in:


  1. Walking Dope :: Wordburglar
  2. Spacebound & Down :: Luke McDuffee
  3. Gummibears :: Doctor Octoroc
  4. Arab Rock :: Girlz Melon

The US-1 Fan Love Contest:


  • OmniG-Sage0

    My room mate got Epic Mickey and it occured to me…. Mickey Mouse did the voice for Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 3!

  • Ghouleh

    Let me just say that the Force Unleashed 2 DLC is so murderpornalicious that it’s makes up for the flaming pile of dung that the game itself is.

  • Tolan

    Nice. Loved the gummy bears track.

    How long till the next one?

  • Anybody notice that The Runaway Brain was produced by Disney FRANCE? Oh those French, they’re such characters…. (BTW, I agree with the nerd who says it’s the best Mickey short ever.)

  • Cap


    My Disney-phile associate tells me that they also did the Goofy Movie and the kick ass Firebird segment of Fantasia 2000. As far as she knows that team got broken up when Disney killed hand-drawn animation.

  • M

    I just had to come back and comment on the MUCH improved length of this episode. I want more episodes of this length.

    Oh, and awesome music this time.

  • Cap


    Cool! Glad you like it! That’s what we’ve been trying to achieve with the multi-part Nerdy Shows. It appears to be working! Part 2 is around the same length.

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