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Culture Minisode :: Webcomics and OneUps

Posted by Hex on January 15, 2011


Wow!! Two culture minisodes back-to-back?! Hope this release doesn’t conflict with your polo match. Think of these as the fine  Hopefully we can crank out more of these hors d’orderves for you to devour before the main course.

SPEAKING OF DEVOURING, many apologies to a certain reptilian comic for playing off of their shtick for this minisode’s imagery, but I couldn’t help myself! As the image reveals, in this ‘cast, we talk a lot on webcomics, discussing quite a bit with Nerdy Show’s own webcomicoholic, Tony Baldini – Mr. Nerdy Strip himself. We also get a chance to chat with the great Mustin, Video Game Remix Legend and frontman to the most dynamic video game cover band ever, the OneUps. How’s this for posh? – In this episode we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE track from their album,  due to drop on the 18th!!

As always, this is quite a listen 🙂


  1. Power of Love :: I Fight Dragons The Power of Love - Welcome to the Breakdown
  2. Been Caught Stealing :: Yip-Yip
  3. Webcomic Junkie :: Beefy
  4. Best Friends (Nedroid) :: Adam WarRock
  5. Different Language :: Beefy Different Language - With Sprinkles
  6. Space Bloq Soviet Fun Time Puzzle Song (I Must Break Them) :: The OneUps *EXCLUSIVE*
  7. Aerith :: MegaRan
  8. Hot Air Balloons :: Freezepop Hot Air Balloons - Imaginary Friends

Webcomic Links:


  • Epicness! Sheer epicness! Also, for what it’s worth, my favorite “completed” webcomic is

  • Jimir

    I haven’t finished listening to this episode yet, but I am loving it! I too am a webcomic junkie, although I have been attempting to trim my habits.I currently following roughly 70 webcomics, with a further 25 finished, and 4 that are on a hiatus or have not yet started. I use to obsessively save every comic while I was at university so I could continue to enjoy them when I went home to dail-up during workterms or breaks, I I don’t do that know for the most part.

  • Tolan

    Well. Finally a webcomic episode. I’ve got a bookmarks bar with about 30 comics in it myself, good to know I’m not the only one.

    If I might mention some of my favorites, I’m a big fan of the rpg comics, like long(ish) runners order of the stick and darths and droids. Also, some new ones that have been looking good are weregeek and guilded age. And I’ve got to mention girl genius. Read that if you like steam punk, or just enjoy well made stories with interesting characters. My dad, who is an old-fashioned nerd who doesnt take to these newfangled nerdy things, enjoys girl genius. It’s that good.

    Was surprised that you mentioned axe cop and didn’t bring up dr.mcninja, the two did a colab recently that was great.

    Other than that, good episode and I’ll have to look into the new One ups album, looks cool.

  • Tolan

    Also, you guys should probably read gutters. Just saying.

  • Ghouleh

    Ah! Good to see that you’re really branching on the subjects for the Culture Minisodes. I’m not much of a webcomic addict myself, barely following three (Order of the Stick, Erfworld, Dark Legacy). Of course, there was 8-Bit Theater, and that should go down in history.

  • Hex

    updated to now include where you can buy the new OneUps album 🙂

  • Arkyrion

    I, for one, would have loved to see El Goonish Shive included in the list. Good site. A little weird, perhaps. But good.

  • I read 158 currently updating webcomics. I am a webcomic WHORE.

  • If XKCD goes over your head there is always. which is xkcd…but explained.

    Kid Radd uses the webpage format stylistically.

    you did mention dominic Deegan – but didn’t give the website.

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