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A Comic Show 1.19.11

Posted by Triforce Mike on January 19, 2011

Aw yea, we missed a week because of some hellatious blizzard up north, BUT WE’RE BACK BITCHES. A Dinosaur’s Tale. Good shizz out this week, DEADPOOL MAX, Morning Glories… and OH! DID YOU SUCKAS READ INFINITE VACATION by Morning Glories’ Nick Spencer? Came out last week, so there was no video, but it’s in this one. CHECK IT OUT OR CHECK MY FISTS. Also, Ratcatcher by Andy Diggle isn’t about Rizzo the Rat. Thank god, I fkn hate that guy.

SERIOUSLY AM I EVER GONNA GET A GOOD QUESTION ON MY Formspring??? Ask me real good soul searching one. Something that really makes me think, something that makes me question my own identity, and please be a real smartass about it!

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