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Server of Awesome UPDATE – The Beta

Posted by Cap on December 22, 2010


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It’s finally happened.  The Minecraft Beta is out.

The release was far more underwhelming than most thought it would be.  Lots of bugs (as expected) and lots of great backend changes that would be stupendous were it not for the bugs.  As a result of said bugs the Server of Awesome has been wrought with insane disconnects, regenerative blocks, and a ton of problems.

We’re doing what we can to trouble shoot, but we’re not sure how much of the problem is on our end and how much is on Notch’s.

“There’s a serious problem getting the client started for some people. I’ve also heard about weird item duplication bugs with dropped items, and a severe performance reduction.”

So, to quote Sci-Tech Jon now “it’s going to be one of THOSE weeks”.

The short version: Notch is working on it, we’re working on it. And hopefully we’ll have a functional server again over the holidays.  Have a look, see if it’s up and running and watch this space for updates.

UPDATE 12/22:

New mandatory update. So far, so good!  Everything appears to be running well.

UPDATE 12/28:

Minecrafter B1Brigade has started a mapping project laying out many of the server’s landmarks and denoting the various roads and skyways.  Check it out below!

Don’t forget to e-mail Kristin with your photos and adventures at  Kristin works a retail job, so suffice it to say, she won’t be free for another article until after the holidays.  But when she gets back on her feet make sure she’s got some killer clues on where to explore and what to look for – it’s a BIG world out there!

Speaking of… NEW MAPS!

We were using Cartograph to make our Server maps, but believe it or not our server is actually too big. Yes, I tried everything.  Our achievements are too great for Cartograph to measure.  So we’ve switched to mcmap.  There are fewer options than Cartograph – no overhead, so skywriting will be a bit awkward, but these maps are gorgeous.  It’s positively overwhelming.

New maps (12/20/10):

The Nerdy Show crew on Minecraft (click to view avatars):

Experiencing oddities such as the “ghosting” bug? E-mail!

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