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D&D :: Do They Know It’s Crunchmas?

Posted by NerdyShow on December 18, 2010


Merry Crunchmas!

What? You don’t know what Crunchmas is? Oh you poor dear. Why, Crunchmas is the happiest, and most delicious time of the year!

But you know, there’s a little man named Chair who doesn’t know what Crunchmas is either. And on this fine winter evening his friends are going to teach him just what Crunchmas is all about.

Never you fear, the next episode of Dungeons & Doritos is on the way. This is but a tiny morsel to tide you over until you feast upon the next adventure.

Merry Crunchmas – one and all!

With love,

From Nerdy Show



Holiday Nerdy Strip by the irresistable, Tony Baldini
  • Yay! Even if it is 5 minutes, it’s still 5 minutes more than I heard a week ago!

    I’m gonna listen to that song for the rest of the day!

  • Dan Blake

    This gives me an idea. Nerdy Show Crunchmas album!

  • Josh Hammer

    Merry Crunchmas one and all!

  • M. Void

    epic epic-ness reigns supreme once again!

  • Ghouleh

    Five minutes? Oh, the suffering. Now I can’t wait for the full thing.

  • BLAM!

    I love you guys… so much.

  • spudwalt

    And every bird within a mile falls stunned out of a tree.

    Hey, I guess they found something that will work against the next bird-man they run into!

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