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A Comic Show :: 12.1.10

Posted by Triforce Mike on December 1, 2010

Aaron and I talk about how it’s a small week, but it’s how you use a small week that really matters… right? Go check out Warren Ellis’ Planetary or something!  But there’s still some cool stuff goin’ down: Some teasers as to what might be to come for DC’s new Batman Beyond book.  And Aaron goes into why Heroes for Hire – oh wait ABNETT AND LANNING! Marvel’s cosmic guys are doing Marvel’s street-level characters. There’s even a Wolverine one-shot worth a damn!

CAP’S PRO TIP: If you like Tesla, X-Files, or weird sci-fi in general and you haven’t checked out Jeff Smith’s Rasl yet. DO IT.  Here, leeme help:

Yo yo yo! Axe me sumpfin on my FORMSPRIIIIING!

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