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US 1 Fan Love Contest

Posted by Cat on November 20, 2010


Long long ago, in a land called 1982, there was a man named Ulysses Solomon Archer. He always wanted to grow up to be a trucker. Even though the fates conspired against U.S. by making him a genius and a pro athlete, he realized his lofty goal and became the best damn trucker the Marvel Universe has ever seen. In fact he was so damn good that aliens hand-picked him to haul cargo… in space. Now that’s mighty impressive. I only mention it because, sometimes there’s a man… I won’t say a hero, ’cause, what’s a hero? But sometimes, there’s a man, and I’m talkin’ about U.S. Archer here. Sometimes, there’s a man… Well… He’s the man for his time and place. So now’s the time to show him the appreciation he rightly deserves.


Now is the time to show U.S. Archer some fan love! He’s recently been resurrected in Marvel comics going by the handle, “U.S. Ace” in Brian Clevinger’s Infinity Gauntlet miniseries and a Stuart Moore-scribed issue of Deadpool Team-Up. You don’t have to have read his early 80s maxi-series or anything he’s ever been in really – Lord knows Brian didn’t! But stock up on basic knowledge of this crazy character and his ridiculous premise -then let your creative juices flow! Glorious prizes await!


1st place –

  • Get your name and/or likeness written into a future Brian Clevinger comic book script
  • A signed personalized copy of Brian’s Infinity Gauntlet graphic novel
  • A Nerdy Show t-shirt

2nd Place-

  • A signed, personalized copy of Brian’s Infinity Gauntlet graphic novel
  • A Nerdy Show t-shirt.

3rd Place-

  • A signed, personalized copy of Brian’s Infinity Gauntlet #1
  • A Nerdy Show t-shirt

Additional items may be added.


Where to start? Listen to the comics segment of the latest nerdy show, Manholes of Venus, to hear us discuss what makes US1 so great and how Brian would love to revive the character. Make our cup o’ joe overfloweth with space trucker awesomeness.

Right click HERE to download the episode


  • Brian’s tweet-along reading of the US 1 maxi-series
  • Brian & War Rocket Ajax talk about US1 & Infinity Gauntlet
  • “Tales of the Longbox”: U.S. 1
  • U.S. Archer history and bio
  • Tyco US1 Trucks Commercial

    We’ll accept any medium – stories, art, songs… Draw us a a comic, retell his origin story, make a low-budget fan film, recreate locations or vehicles in legos, Minecraft… ANYTHING. Just show this long-forgotten Marvel hero some love.

    DUE DATE: Saturday, December 11th 11:59pm

    Send your submissions or submission links to For YouTube videos be sure to include “nerdy show” in the tags and label it as “Nerdy Show US 1 Fan Love Contest”. E-mail us from an account you actually check and include your handle and mailing address in your e-mail – these prizes ain’t gonna mail themselves.

    All submissions must be made during the duration of this contest (Nov. 16th-Dec 11th, 2010). All submissions must be original works or within the scope of parody. Any submissions found to be otherwise will be disqualified. Nerdy Show reserves the right to repost or redistribute any content submitted to contest, that we might spread the fan love. US Archer and US 1 are copyright Marvel Entertainment and all fan work submitted and exhibited for this contest are not-for-profit tokens of fan love. Nerdy Show claims no ownership of any affiliated intellectual properties.

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