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Video Game Minisode :: GoldenEye 007: The Wii-envisioning

Posted by NerdyShow on November 27, 2010

Ask any 20-something and they’ll tell you: back in the day there wasn’t a game that got more play than GoldenEye for the N64.  Fact.

When Nintendo revealed the new GoldenEye at E3 this year, we didn’t know what to think.  Even getting hands-on time with the game we were confused.  But now, the game is out and the verdict is in… in a little Minisode adventure we hesitate to call “In Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix.”

This was supposed to be part of our previous Minisode, but Cap loves the living daylights out of GoldenEye – both the original game and the 1995 film.  Suffice it to say, he had a lot of things to say about the new renvisioning for the Wii.  So join us as the gang shares their experience with the original GoldenEye, how it was Brandon’s anti-drug, and we discuss every aspect of the new GoldenEye: game modes, controls, story, and more… All accompanied by a superb soundtrack of GoldenEye-related music.


  1. Opening :: Grant Kirkhope & Graeme Norgate
  2. Holler If Ya Hear Me (Facility) :: 2Pac / Alex Kresovich
  3. Frigate ‘La Fayette’, Monte Carlo (Alt) :: Grant Kirkhope & Graeme Norgate
  4. A Pleasant Drive in St. Petersburg :: Eric Serra
  5. Suicidal Thoughts (Game Over) :: Notorious B.I.G. / Alex Kresovich

Tracks Featured in the “Nightclub” Level:

  • I Remember :: deadmau5 & Kaskade I Remember - Random Album Title
  • The Man I Love (Ecko Remix) :: Dual Sessions The Man I Love (Ecko Remix) - Jazz Rmxs


Nerdy Show’s E3 Video Coverage:

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