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Culture Minisode: Awesomocity and the Boys

Posted by Hex on November 28, 2010

We have our first Cultural Minisode, along the same vein of our recent wave of Video Game Minisodes. In these episodes, we’ll have a better chance to have a spotlight directly on the nerd music and nerd music news between the monthly news episodes as well as give some love to the often under-appreciated nerdy visual artists. In this, we also have a snippit from Cap’s recent interview with Nerdy Show pal, Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons! We also have a BIG announcement and an interview with the phenomenal up-and-comers The Side Quest. You’ll have to listen in to get all the juiciest of details on that! Between those guys, the announcement, and the mindblowing art that Kristin, our art correspondent, has lined up for you, we are ready to redefine the very word “AWESOME” for you!

Oh yeah, and if you’re wondering where this month’s Dungeons & Doritos is- have a listen. It involved the Lawnmower Man.


  1. Spider :: Doctor Popular
  2. Welcome to the Breakdown :: I Fight Dragons
  3. Crash and the Boys :: The Side Quest
  4. Ducktales :: The Side Quest * NERDY SHOW WORLD EXCLUSIVE *
  5. Doppleganger :: Freezepop
  6. Foiled Again :: Sci-Fried with Marc with a C * NERDY SHOW WORLD EXCLUSIVE *
  7. Evil Whiskey Bar (Hadouken v. The Doors) :: DJ Le Clown
  8. Sesame Street :: Stay Tuned


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