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A Comic Show :: 11.10.10

Posted by Triforce Mike on November 9, 2010

Did you know Brian got in a twitter war with a shitty comic store?  You can read about it all on Bleeding Cool.  I bet you can guess who came out on top.  Obviously, I was upset someone was coming on top who isn’t me so of course I got on top and…  POINT IS: A Comic Shop rocks, Brian Clevinger rocks, Atomic Robo rocks. Don’t fuck with awesome. I get into it a little bit in this video, but you can hear more about this incident about it from me and Brian in the upcoming Nerdy Show.

Also in this episode: Something new from DC written by Nick Spencer of Morning Glories, a Dungeons & Dragons comic that is AMAZING, and other shit you need to scope with your peep-dip.

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