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UPDATE: New Maps From Our Minecraft Server + MORE

Posted by Cat on October 26, 2010

The file size of Nerdy Show’s Server of Awesome is growing epic in scope.  So big, Cartograph can barely keep up, but we’ve mapped it again!  My, how she’s grown. Just look at the size of that Drownball tank! Dang! (Scope it in the link below)

Nerdy Show’s travelogue through this mysterious world of Lantern Corps Shrines, creepy towers, hidden shrines, and freaking DEATH STARS will continue!  Our fearless correspondent Kristin, aka ckrickett, will be braving the frozen, pixelated tundra in search of adventure and amazing acts of Minecrafting and reporting her findings.   Send pictures of Nerdy Show Minecraft buildings, scenery, and happenings to  Be sure to include your Minecraft handle and any details about what you’re sending photos of like general location and what’s the story.

Old maps (10/17/10):

New maps! (10/25/10):

The development in these two weeks has been INSANE, and I’ve never seen the server empty. PLUS Brian, so enthralled by the Black Mage statue (who made that btw?), posted it on Nuklear Power.  Suffice it to say there’s a lot of traffic, and we’re going to have to upgrade the server soon.  So DONATE or BUY A SHIRT to support Nerdy Show and Minecraftery madness.

The Nerdy Show crew on Minecraft (click to view avatars):

See you on the server!

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