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Season 4 Episode 1 :: Change or DIE!

Posted by NerdyShow on October 12, 2010

This is it!  Season 4 begins here!  New site, new format, nude everything!  In both evolution and darn near everything, no words ring more true than “change or die”.  So we’re changing it up –  big time!

At the beginning of each month, a new episode of Nerdy Show Season 4 drops. We’re doing things Ikea-style in süper-fün modular segments. Like the Minisode format we debuted last month, each segment is a focused discussion with its own topic, guests, etc.  But don’t fret, True-Believer, episode-length discussions and grand scale hi-jinks live on like never before.  At the end of every month Nerdy Show Prime will rock your world with grand-scale episodes the likes of some of our finest prior escapades such as Were the Wild Things Are, Episode /34/, Fettophiles, and Peaks Freaks to name but a few.  That plus monthly Dungeons & Doritos, new Video Game Minisodes, Nerdy Strip, videos, etc. means Nerdy Show is still weekly and extra classy.

Change is the theme of this month’s episode: positive mutations, brilliant new ideas, and stodgy old ways giving way to a bigger and brighter future.  In video games we discuss the indie game taking the world by storm: Minecraft.  We talk about what makes this crazy, blocky game so damn amazing, regale each other with adventures above and below the surface of the Earth, and discuss the Minecraft phenomena- including an interview Bobby Yarsulik, a musician who’s written an entire album of Minecraft-themed music!  Oh yeah, and… PLAY ON THE NERDY SHOW MINECRAFT SERVER:

During our music segment we’re joined by Adam WarRock who’s landmark comic book concept-album, The War for Infinity has JUST DROPPED!  Adam’s in a league of his own between the worlds of Nerdcore and Indie Rap doing what few have done before him… actually rapping about comics, not just referencing them. Also in nerd music, we play an excerpt of Cap’s interview with Gerald Casale of Devo which he conducted last month for Consequence of Sound, and Hex clues us in on the next big nerd music project over at Kickstarter.

In sci-tech Jon shares with us the big changes in the bio-engineering industry and robotics: silk worms that spin indestructible spider silk and robots that lie, daydream, and fire arrows.  Are they abominations of science or paving stones on the path of progress?  Finally, in comics, we discuss the comic book industry: why things need to change, how Mark Millar both does it right and wrong, and all the big changes that went down at this year’s New York Comic Con.  All that and Cap and Brandon even have time to talk about Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and how brutal it is, seriously.

Do you want to listen to the episode classic-style in one huge block? Yeah, we got that too:

Episode 1-1 :: Intro & Minecraft feat. Bobby Yarsulik

Download Episode 1-1 HERE


  1. Callin’ it Back :: B&M
  2. Working in a Coal Mine :: Devo Working
  3. Minecraft: The Song :: Bobby Yarsulik Minecraft:
  4. Minecraft Every Day :: Viktor Cepeda
  5. Zombies :: Bobby Yarsulik Minecraft:
  6. You Just Fucking Died! :: Mustin


Episode 1-2 :: Nerd Music feat. Adam WarRock & Gerald Casale

Download Episode 1-2 HERE


  1. Here Comes the Hotstepper :: Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire
  2. Absolute Truth :: Adam WarRock Absolute
  3. Nerd Corps :: Adam WarRock
  4. Later is Now :: Devo Later


Episode 1-3 :: Sci-tech

Download Episode 1-3 HERE


  1. I Will Do Science to it :: Adam WarRock
  2. Apologize [DJ RoboRob Remix] :: One Republic


Episode 1-4 :: Comics

Download Episode 1-4 HERE


  1. Comix Zone :: 8-Bit Duane
  2. T.O.Y. (Team of the Year) :: Adam WarRock
  3. Robot City [remix] :: Mega Ran feat. Storyville, JonBap, Jake Lefco, Pizon, Protoman, & Zealous1


  • Duraphago

    ‘Bout damn time you guys did something. 😉 Anywho, glad to finally get my Nerdy Show fix(es) and the new format looks promising. Looking forward to more

  • Matt.C

    Hey, would it be possible to make all the segments available via iTunes? Only 1-1 loaded for me, which is sad, as I enjoy the whole of your show.

    It’s great to have you back!

  • Only part 1 is showing up in itunes at the moment for some reason.

  • Cap

    @ Matt C @Shaded Spriter

    I was afraid that might happen. They can’t handle our multi-headed awesomeness. They are weak. Since it didn’t work we’ll have to try something different for the time being. Even more changes…. soon!

  • Dan Blake

    Nice to see you guys are back. I’ll definitely have to check out the Minecrack server sometime.

  • Fatham

    I came.

  • Ghouleh

    Yes, triumphant return, next season, and all that.

    Must… Not… Give in. Must not… Be sucked… Into Minecraft. Focus on the prize… Focus on stuff like Force Unleashed II…

  • Duraphago

    Thought you guys might like this texture pack.

  • Cap


    Holy shit! That’s amazing.

  • Abyzz

    Thank you guys so much for having a one huge classic style download, I hate that the podcast feature on Ipod’s doesn’t allow listening backwards.

  • Epic

    great episode guys, I really like the new format and the website looks awesomet! I have to say the best part of this ep was being introduced to Adam WarRock’s music, his interview was great and the tracks were awesome. I know he mentioned Atmosphere in the interview and after listening to Nerd Corps I have to say I bet he’d be right at home with the Rhymesayers crew, great style and excellent lyrics.

  • awww thx for playing my track!

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