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A Comic Show :: 10.6.10

Posted by Triforce Mike on October 5, 2010

There’s some CRAZY GOOD comics out this week.  These TOP COMICS will blow your head off with a shotgun of awesome! There’s a new X-Force book by Rick Remender that’s got all the coolest, most hardcore X-team ever assembled (DEADPOOL’S ON IT), ol’ DP is also getting the MAX treatment and to celebrate, Bob is getting man-raped!  Speaking of man-rape, and penises in general… watch this video to hear about all the different kinds of penises I saw in Alan Moore’s Neonomicon. There’s also some cool stuff that didn’t make it to the list like an Amazing Spider-Man one-shot featuring HOWARD THE DUCK called Back in Quack.  I love Howard, I love everything his creator, Stever Gerber’s ever written, and Stuart Moore does him RIGHT!  If you’re a Gerber/Howard the Duck fan.  Pick this up.

Ask me something on my Formspring, ask me about Howard the Duck, ask me about Destroyer the Duck, ask me bout Leonard the Duck, ask me about Steve Gerber anything!

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