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Video Game Minisode – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Posted by NerdyShow on October 18, 2010


Ah, October… a time to celebrate the black and accursed void from whence all evil spews, a time for good Christian souls to masquerade in the skins of daemons, a time for game companies to cash in on anything “spooky” and try to get a few big sellers out before the holiday rush.  All cynicism aside, October can be a blast and we’d go straight to hell right now if we told you we weren’t crazy excited for the release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

But now that the game is out and we’ve sucked it dry of all it has to offer – how did it measure up?  Does this game that Metal Gear‘s Hideo Kojima consulted on live up to the Castlevania legacy, or is it just another forgettable reboot? Joining in on this discussion of the new game, as well as the ENTIRE Castlevania series is Chris Sims of Comics Alliance and War Rocket Ajax – a man who loves Castlevania so much he plays every game annually – dang!  This Minisode is far from Mini – it’s an hour long!  That’s ’cause we fat-packed it with TWO other game reviews: indie RPG sensation Breath of Death VII, the much-anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog 4, aaand we accidentally reviewed Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. Hey, these things happen!

Your hosts for this Minisode are Cap and Triforce Mike, with video game hosts: Brandon and… Jonna? We’re happy to welcome Jonna to the team as our new video game co-host. She’s a gaming aficionado and long-time Sonic fan who hasn’t been truly satisfied since 1994 so this discussion could get.. interesting…


  1. Castlevania II: The Accursed Seal R:TS Mix :: Sixto Sounds
  2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Nothing But a Pile of Dance Moves! ::NoppZ
  3. Bloody Tears :: Nazo Project
  4. Dracula Castle :: MegaDriver
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night OST Castlevania:


  • Alphabet

    Nice episode, I like how long these are, it lets me just turn it on and listen to you guys talk while I do other stuff. Are Brandon and Jonna going to be permanent parts of the show? They seem like nice foils to Cap and Mike’s silliness.

    Apparently another thing that’s wrong with the new Sonic game is its physics engine in terms of how sonic moves. He doesn’t gain momentum, and if you stop moving while you jump, you just fall straight down. There’s a video on Youtube that shows this, called “Sonic 4 Chorale.” This is causing a little shitstorm of its own with the sonic fans, if you look at some of the other videos having to do with that. It doesn’t really bother me, though, because I wasn’t really interested in Sonic 4 to begin with.

    As for Castlevania, I only started playing it after the metroidvania type came out, and that’s the kind I prefer. The first one I played was my sister’s copy of Circle of the Moon, which was alright, but the double-tap to run thing annoyed me. I think my favorite is Aria of Sorrow, if only because it doesn’t limit you to the whip, and gives you a bunch of toys with the up + b attack. Apparently it’s also the last one that used the art style that is not-anime-looking.

    Thanks for doing this, hope for more stuff soon.

  • Cap


    Thanks dude! Yup, Brandon and Jonna are permanent parts of the show, at least insofar as video game news and reviews goes. The rest of the gang will, of course, be chiming in, but those two play A LOT of video games. We couldn’t keep up if we tried.

    I added a link to “Sonic 4 Chorale” above. That’s craziness and most definitely super-flawed. I admit, I haven’t personally encountered any problems that bad while playing the game. But there is something… off about it and this problem might be why I’m stuck where I am in the Lost Labyrinth Zone.

  • Ghouleh

    At the very least I didn’t feel completely lost in this episode as I did in Metroid Babies, having played Castlevania 64 a long, long time ago.
    Your Nerdy Show shirts better ship worldwide, though…

  • Ghouleh

    Oh, forgot to mention. This episode had especially good music.

  • Cap


    The shirts totally ship worldwide! We’re ready when you are.

    Glad to know he music rocked you, I got a copy of the 1991 Catlevania album and it’s awesome, there’s actually some track on there that are really good, not just funny funky funky fresh “good”.

  • KeyWestReactor

    Hey, that Jonna person is the best thing about this show…..


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