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A Comic Show :: 10.27.10

Posted by Triforce Mike on October 27, 2010

There’s some killer TOP COMICS this week, but only one of those top comics is a direct-to-graphic novel Superman story.  YES, this IS IT!  The greatest Superman story… (maybe ever?!) is HERE. SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE. Aaron and I liked it so much we got the artist of the book to come to the store for a party starting in like… minutes and a massive signing TOMORROW.  Not only do we rage on how good this book is, we rage on how jerks who hate when comics change things up rage AND what a massive tard Katie Couric is.  Action packed!  And as an antithesis to this Superman awesomeness… Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is in Lex Luthor’s book Action Comics, with dialogue by Neil Gaiman!

Yo, check out my dope threads! That’s a Fangamer design!  it’s covered in Mario pipes and piranha plants.  That’s relevant to my interests!  Did you know that Nerdy Show’s shirts are made by the same place as Fangamer’s? Naturally, we mooched on their quality and are passing it on to you.   Support the show by buying a shirt.  Protect yourself from the elements and the AIDS.

Ask me something on my Formspring.  Ask me why Superman: Earth One is awesome.  Ask me what Shane Davis is like in person.  Ask me what he and I did after the party that hasn’t started yet.  I might not remember, but maybe there’ll be enough clues to figure it out…

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