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Nerdy Show & OCAD – Drunken Podcast Month :: Part 2

Posted by NerdyShow on September 20, 2010

Drunken Podcasting Month continues in full-force!  We recorded hours of progressively more drunken discussion on all manner of geekitude -rambling about video games, comics, movies, and fan fiction. Weekly releases all Drunken Podcast Month-long! It’s the drunkerist bender ever.  This is part 2 check out part 1 HERE and continue onto part 3 after you’ve digested this savory morsel.

In this episode, we discuss our feelings towards the upcoming Batman: Arkham City and Epic Mickey – getting into some cool details.  And the Inspector Gadget-Superman-Batman-Robocop erotic fanfic begins HERE. Aaaawww yeah… You know you want it.

Pop on over to OCAD to pick up this and their other outstanding adventures.

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