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Nerdy Show & OCAD – Drunken Podcast Month :: Part 1

Posted by NerdyShow on September 13, 2010

As promised, we’re filling your podcast void with savory nerdiness.  And you thought you were rid of us!  Hell no!  Us guys and the dapper dans from Overclocked After Dark decided to share a few drinkie-poos and bring youse guys and gals along for the ride.  Thass rite! It’s dunken bodcass munf, I mean Drunken Podcasting Month! A magical month-long holiday set in motion by Z of Hipster Please.

We recorded hours of progressively more drunken discussion on all manner of geekitude -rambling about video games, comics, movies, and YES there is fan fiction.  Lord, is there fan fiction… Look forward to weekly releases all Drunken Podcast Month-long!  It’ll be the longest bender ever.

In this episode, we talk about why awesome geeky movies don’t make any money, sexy toys modeled after mythical beasts, Stevo tries to beat Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse on the SNES whilst drinking, Cap talk about new and upcoming Warner Bros cartoons, and Mike comes clean to OCAD about his struggle with lycanthropy.

Pop on over to OCAD to pick up this and their other outstanding adventures.

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