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Episode 30 :: Metroid Babies

Posted by NerdyShow on September 2, 2010


The Nerdy Show SEASON 3 FINALE!

With Metroid: Other M just having come out for the Wii, now seems like the best time for Nerdy Show to devote a whole episode to one of the greatest game series’ of all-time, Metroid, and it’s bounty hunting protagonist – Samus Aran!  But something’s gone awry for the strong, silent, space pirate-slayer… the same thing that plagues every woman as they near the big 3-0… she’s gone baby crazy…  METROID BABY CRAZY!  Our review of Other M elaborates, as do the Nerdy Show gents.  You know their strange little minds tend to wander.

Not only does this episode weigh the pros and cons of this new game-changing installment to the legendary series, but it explores Metroid’s past.  The gang share stories of their first time on the planet Zebes and delve into the series chronology and its real-world origins – the games’ influences and the men who created it.  The episode also features a playlist of stupendous Metroid-influenced music and an interview with Metroid Metal – the band that screw attacks nerd music like no other. All that plus some suped-up sci-tech that’ll hit ya – pow!  Right in the baby-maker!

Though this is the last episode of Season 3, we won’t be gone –  no, no, no, no.  Listen to this episode for some hints to what we have in store and some cool things we’re going to be bringing to you in the interim.  Nerdy will still be quite “bumpin”, as the kids say, so be sure to check back with us often to see what we’ve cooked up, and keep an eye out for announcements for what awesome may come!

The Tracks:

  1. Brinstar :: Metroid Metal
  2. Super Metroid – Armcannon
  3. Metroid :: brentalfloss
  4. MetroTransFunk :: Franz Keller
  5. Hostile Abduction (First Battle Theme) :: Suzumebachi and Proticity
  6. City Theme :: Stemage
  7. Prime Theme (Metroid Prime) :: Metroid Metal *EXCLUSIVE*
  8. come again (ft. Elijah Lucian) :: YTCracker
  9. On Top of Jacob’s Ladder :: Prophecy
  10. Tigra and Firebird Intermission :: Adam WarRock
  11. MARIDIA :: The Amazing BrandO
  12. Magnetic :: Freezepop
  13. Crystal Flash :: Virt


  • Ian

    It may not be a true remake of Metroid 2 remake, but it is probably the closest we’re going to get to one.

  • Cap


    I like like like what I see and I’m thrilled that the project hasn’t been halted yet. Niiiice.

  • Ghouleh

    Ah well. The end of Season 3, is it?

    Let me say that I liked that episode, even if I’m not a Metroid fan and the closest thing I ever played was Samus Aran in N64’s Super Smash Bros. Still, you really made me feel bad for her, a “silent and stoic” heroine turned baby-craving lunatic. Classic Nintendo logic indeed. I might just try and acquire me some Metroid to fill in the Nerdy Show season hiatus.

    On a sidenote, while I’m generally not into this kind of music, Freezepop’s “Magnetic” rather caught my attention. Overall I’d say this episode’s music were above average, personally. Great to see that you haven’t slacked for even a moment on the quality.

    Oh. And one last thing; hurry up with Season 4. Or my DnD. Or anything.
    Otherwise I’MMA GET YOU.

    ~With love,
    Your stalker from another hemisphere

  • OmniG

    I remember the Noid NES game, called “Yo! Noid”

  • OmniG

    ok WOW, didn’t know about that one but now I have another OCRemix album to get. And I still have my limited edition NES style GBASP with Metroid 2 (also one of my favorite gb games period)

  • OmniG

    OH crap, not only is “For Frog the Bell Tolls” the stylistic precursor to Link’s Awakening as said, but Prince Richard (the one with the pretty boy hair) is IN Link’s Awakening (he’s the Lord? whom you have to find the golden leaves for and happens to live in a house full of frogs as i remember)

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  • Mitch

    Great season. “Peaks Freaks” and the Star Wars episode were definite favorites and I hope the next season brings some wonderful themed episodes. Might I suggest a Walking Dead season? Perhaps an X-Files tribute? Haha.

  • Cap


    New DnD coming REAL soon (today or tomorrow) and we’re gonna be podcasting with OCAD all month so… basically it’ll be non-stop.


    Yo Noid! Oh shit, I didn’t know about that. Here’s some gameplay:

    And likewise I didn’t pick up on that For the Frog the Bell Tolls/ Link’s Awakening crossover – AMAZING


    You, sir, are onto something.

  • Vilehenchman

    Am I the only one having an issue with the podcast in iTunes? I’m downloading a WHOPPING 3.8 MB for the entire episode…

  • Tolan


    Ya, me to. I only got the one song

  • Level 99

    Hello, Nerdy Show. I approve of this episode.

  • Cap



    This is the first I’m hearing about this problem. I’ll look into it.

  • Cap



    Are your downloads directly from the site working? We’ve been getting reports about this problem, but everything looks fine on our end.

  • Vilehenchman


    Yeah, the site pulled the whole thing. I just tried iTunes again and still the same 3.8 MB. I’m going to update my iTunes and try again, I’ll let you know what happens.

  • Vilehenchman

    Yeah, no difference with the update…

  • Cap


    Well, that’s disheartening. Jon’s looking into it. The bad news is that the new DnD might have the same problem. The good news is it should all be resolved by the time we come back.

  • unknowngamer

    Team Ninja has a misogynistic depiction of a woman in their game? I don’t believe it.
    Sarcasm aside, great episode. I was at PAX, but missed Metroid Metal. The concerts were kinda messed up this year, it’s the only ever time I’ve ever seen them turn people away.

  • Prison Warden

    As to the small files problem, it seems to be affecting more than just the most recent show. I was downloading some back episodes recently and a lot of late season 2 and early 3 have the same issue for me.

  • @unknowngamer Misogynistic? Please.

    Oh noes, Team Ninja turned Samus into a human being rather than a one-sided killing machine!

    Oh noes, Samus actually felt remorse because of the baby metroid’s death! It bonded to her as its mother, so why is this such a huge deal? It makes sense; there ARE biological responses in the mother as well during a bonding process such as this. It is very likely that Samus gained a connection with the metroid.

    Oh noes, Ridley scares Samus. Let’s not mention that Ridley basically ruined Samus’ life at the ripe old age of three by killing her parents and everybody she ever knew. If that happened to me, I sure wouldn’t be afraid of the person/people who did it. Nope, no trauma here. Nosir.

    tldr: quit bitching

  • Hey guys, looks like I need to clear something up about Team Ninja. Yoshio Sakamoto is the writer for Metroid other M and works for Nintendo. Team Ninja didn’t write ANYTHING having to do with this game. Thank Team Ninja for making the one actually enjoyable thing about this game, the game play! Other than that, I’m a bit disappointed the game wasn’t harder or have an unlockable hard mode. Team Ninja games are usually very hard and this leads me to believe that Nintendo pulled the old “Hey this is too hard for our target audience, please make it easier” kind of crap. Looking forward to the next game TN works on.

  • Hex


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