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A Comic Show :: 9.29.10

Posted by Triforce Mike on September 28, 2010

Yo dawgs, just ’cause it’s a light week for comics doesn’t mean that wees don’ts gots some TOP COMICS!  We talk about the big news with Crossed, the comic book awesome with the new G.I. Joe books, and other cool stuff!  We’ve added two new segments to A Comic Show: RANDOM AWESOME where we highlight an older comic collection that’s in print, totally cool, and you might’ve missed out on it.  This week Brian Azzarello’s Lex Luthor. and BEST BOOK EVER where we highlight a series that is truly one of the best books ever ever. Ever.  This week – Y: The Last Man.  If you’ve got suggestions for Best Book ever –  post ’em!  Stop the hate!  Stop trolling comics you hate on the internet and use that energy to talk about what you LIKE – everybody wins.  Also say no to variants.

P.S. It’s Death from Sandman not the death of Sandman.  Don’t get confused.

Ask me something on my Formspring, ask me why you should read Cerebus: The Aardvark.  I don’t know if Aaron’s ever gonna be into spotlighting it, but it’s cool!

International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on Facebook. The variant video is here.

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