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A Comic Show :: 9.15.10

Posted by Triforce Mike on September 14, 2010

Aw yeah! Aaron and I talk about this TOP COMICS.  Aaron threw a birthday bash at the all-new Geek Easy at A Comic Shop, a place where you can hang out with your friends and get a reacharound… a Halo: Racharound!  We got video, it’s hot.

This week all kinds of amazing stuff comes out. Books by Jason Aaron, Marjorie Liu, Daniel Way (and you thought Deadpool being in X-Force was badass…) Also,why the hell haven’t you read Morning Glories yet!? Issue 2 is coming out and the 1st issue was CRAZY, like Y: The Last Man and Walking Dead kinds of crazy!  If you have read Morning Glories post here and tell me what you think.  Pix if you got em.

And now, Aaron delivers a very important message about why comic variants are ruining the industry and why A Comic Shop is saying NO MORE VARIANTS.  He even talks about MLK and Jesus.  If you’re a comic fan, you need to watch this:

We’ll be talking about this during the Season 4 premier but until then, ask me something on my Formspring, ya jerk!

International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on Facebook. The variant video is here.

I fart you,

– Triforce Mike

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