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Episode 28 :: Fettophiles

Posted by Hex on August 21, 2010


FettophilesA short while ago… Somewhat nearby…

Star Wars Celebration V came to the Orlando Convention Center!  How convenient! Cap and Hex bravely ventured into that wretched hive of scum and villainy to get the low-down on this intergalactic hoedown.  This year’s Celebration honored the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back – a momentous occasion, and it also marked the Last Tour to Endor, the closing of the classic Star Tours ride.

Four days of non-stop Star Wars, countless hours of waiting in line, and a fair amount of pent-up aggression have led to a Lucas-sized BLOCKBUSTER of an episode.  It’s too big to be a space station and will definitely rip your arms off , but hold your Tauntauns kids, this is STAR WARS – how were we ever gonna contain it in a normal-sized episode?  You could be waiting sixteen years before we do a follow-up to this one

In this episode we share the highs and lows of the Celebration and relive myriad panels including secrets of the NEW Star Tours, season 3 of Clone Wars, the EXCLUSIVE videos Warwick Davis showed, inappropriate jokes from Anthony Daniels and Carrie Fisher, TOR and The Force Unleashed 2, Seth Green and the Robot Chicken panel, and of course, The MAIN EVENT: George Lucas and John Stewart, which Hex stood in line overnight to see!  Since we’re such Fettophiles we also hit up BOTH Boba Fetts for interviews – the original Jeremy Bulloch and young Boba Fett, Daniel Logan!  Perhaps you remember back in Episode 10: Geek Mythology when we interviewed Jabba the Hutt’s right-hand man, Dave Barclay?  Well now we’ve got his left-hand man – Toby Philpott and the man behind his sultry figure and gorgeous eyes, John Coppinger.  They share with us what it’s like being so close with the baddest gangster in the Star Wars universe as well as their other illustrious exploits in the world of movie creatures.  We also had a chat with Julian Glover who portrayed one of the Empire’s greatest tacticians and leader of the AT-AT attack on Hoth, General Veers as well as the scheming Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade and Bond villain Aristotle Kristatos.  All that plus frequent rants about the prequels AND a kick ass contest to win EXCLUSIVE Star Wars Celebration goodies (see below)… something in this episode will get you excited about Star Wars, even if your heart has been frozen in carbonite.


  1. Space Game :: MC Lars Space
  2. Galvanize the Empire (John Williams v. Chemical Brothers) :: PartyBen
  3. Level 7 :: 8-Bit Bandit
  4. Fett’s Vette (the good, the baddd, the ugly – Baddd Spellah Remix) :: mc chris
  5. Blue Harvest (ft. Billy the Fridge) :: KABUTO THE PYTHON
  6. George Lucas Raped Our Childhood :: Hot Waffles George
  7. Limit Break :: Dale Chase
  8. Star Wars Theme/ Cantina Band :: Meco Star
  9. Yellow Lasers (Live at Los Angeles 2008) :: MC Frontalot
  10. Tattooine :: Sci-Fried Tatooine
  11. Fallout 3 – The Fallout of Eli :: Brynner Agassi & Mazedude
  12. Finale/End Credits (Empire Strikes Back) :: John Williams Finale


Show Willrow Hood fanlove WIN Star Wars prizes!



  • Justin

    Interestingly, the episode popped up right in the middle of me working on my entry for the contest. Huh, must be a sign to keep going!

  • DDNeuro

    Colt 45 is having a contest to meet Billy Dee Williams.

  • Marsh

    Willrow Hood totally has a facebook page

  • Cap

    Oh wow, I didn’t know Colt had brought Billy Dee back as their mascot. That’s amazing.

  • Tolan

    Have you guys heard of darths and droids? It’s probably the best thing to come out of the prequels.

  • Cap

    I hadn’t! Looking into it now…

    Here’s the link for everyone playing the home game:

  • Mitch

    I have some thoughts on the episode…

    I agree, the prequels do suck, but I don’t blame it on the most obvious reasons. For one, Jar-Jar Binks is not as horrific of a character as people paint him out to be. Is he annoying? Sure. But so was 3P0. The difference… 3PO had charm. I feel Jar-Jar could have had a little more charm, if only they would have excised some of the clumsy antics he had. Although I don’t think they were so bad. The real problem with the prequels is that they never ever had a rogue character. As a result, the audience couldn’t connect with anyone. Both Luke and Han were outside rogues in A New Hope, unconnected to the mythology, just like the audience. As the films continued, there were those that bought some of the mythos and followed Luke, and if they didn’t buy it, they always had Han to latch on to. (I was always the latter.) The prequels expected you to not only just absorb the mythology, but to let that be enough of a connection. It certainly wasn’t. Outside of the fact that there was little to no humor, save for the occasional “quip” by Obi Wan Kenobi (McGregor), the prequels lacked any real characters. The writing wasn’t horrible, per se. How different was Obi Wan’s dialogue compared to Qui Gon’s? Again, it was just overload of that one dynamic. That’s my main concern with the prequels, in addition to the glaring obvious omission that Lucas decided to make an animated movie with carbon copy characters. If you look back on the prequels, every actor, regardless of their talent, all act the same. It’s almost like one tone the whole film; that is, until you get to Episode III and “some form of emotion” bleeds through. In sum, the prequels were a failure for two reasons: its lack of human connection (via a Han Solo type chracter) and its overuse of CGI. To focus on something as minor as Jar-Jar, which arguably tried to do something different, is a little unfair. So I agree with Lucas there on that one. But, I’d still tell him to go fuck himself.

    This was a great listen. I can’t believe you got me back into this franchise. I even went out and bought the remaining two Star Wars films on DVD, Empire and Return. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become what you’d call a “purist” and love the original as a stand alone film (I know, call me nuts), but I forgot how much this trilogy meant to me. I’ll always argue that Empire is a beautiful film, but subpar to the original, and I enjoy being in that camp, but you can’t argue that it doesn’t have qualities that make you return again and again with a big, fat smile. Ah, I can’t wait to return to these again. To the weekend!

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