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Episode 26 :: Dial-A-Dork

Posted by Hex on August 4, 2010


Dial-A-DorkTriforce Mike’s Formspring is pretty amazing – you can ask him ANYTHING there and he answers – sometimes with Internet gibberish, sometimes with profound mico-essays packed with intense geekitude.  Well, the rest of us are tired of him having all the fun, so we decided to do one better!  We invited our fans to call in and ask us anything or geek out with us about whatever comes to mind.  The call was answered!  You reached out to us, Fandom, just like a glowy E.T. finger and touched us in a way that makes a boy a man and Stephen Spielberg very rich.

Along for the whole ride we have not just the fabled Nerdy Show four, but some of our comrades in arms: Nerdy Strip writer/artist, Tony Baldini, video game correspondent, Gina Lockwood, and sci-tech correspondent Jon West – for the whole show, not just a segment.  Together we conquered many a harrowing phone call!

In this episode we discuss Nerdy Show’s secret, and not-so-secret origins – how the team formed and how Brain joined up.  Fans ask hard-hitting questions, like just how much of Red Hulk is in continuity? What kind of characters are we going to play in DC Universe Online? And when the hell is Brain returning to Dungeons & Doritos?  That plus MORE including a way-cool call-in from super-duper remixer, Klopfenpop, our first impressions of Starcraft 2, Cap’s review of Alan Wake: The Signal, and a call from Dean Wallace’s… son!?


  1. Song 6502 :: Inversed Phases
  2. The Link :: ytcracker
  3. Children of the Elder God :: Old Gods of Asgard
  4. Zerg, Shotgun, and You :: Whiteboy James and the Blues Express
  5. Terran One :: Glenn Stafford
  6. Shark Attack :: Math the Band
  7. (The Legend of) Area Dolls Guys (a Mix to the Past) (ft. MegaRan) :: Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire
  8. My Skateboard Will Go On :: Anamanaguchi
  9. The Ultimate Showdown (RBN Mix) :: Lemon Demon
  10. Left 4 Paper Planes :: Positive Attitude
  11. Death From the Skies :: George Hrab
  12. If I Had a Rocket Launcher (ft. Possible Oscar) :: Insane Ian


  • Fenrir Gochad

    Yeah, I didn’t mention it during the episode, but the religion is called Naroin, and here is a link to the “scripture”:

  • Cap

    @Fenrir Gochad
    Oh lawdy! Take notes, Mike!

  • Arkais

    I forgot to mention that I actually thought of something that I’d actually like to see Jeph Loeb do. Since he likes to write these kind of oddball stories with really big things happening, but doesn’t seem to follow continuity, how about this: What if… Jeph Loeb wrote What If?

  • Now I’m gonna have to try and draw Triforce Mike with a pope hat.

  • Shaded Spriter

    On that death in Australia because of no vaccines the child was 7 months old and too young to be vacccinated it was everybody else specifically the AVN (Australia vaccination network = anti vax network really but they say they are pro choice) the parents because they went public have gotten death threats. Because the AVN are insane reptile overlord conspiacy people as well.

  • Ghouleh

    Excellent episo-
    OH NOES the Lawnmowerman! Let us all be silent for a minute to honour Brian and his courage in facing this threat.

    On a sidenote; Anti-vaccination campaign? The hell. I knew people had infinite potential for stupidity, but just… WoW.

  • Ghouleh

    Did not mean “WoW” as in “World of Warcraft”. Just a typo, if you’ll excuse me.

  • Cap

    EXCUSED! ….for now…..

  • OmniG

    Odd, I didn’t hear Gina at all when I called in (This is Jeremy from the earlier portion btw).

    On the “Brian’s first season exploits” I believe the robot one was first (which was one of the first eps I listened to) because, and unless my memory is playing tricks on me, the Mega Man ep. was in anticipation of the then upcoming Act 2 album from the Protomen.

  • Hex

    @Shaded Spriter
    Thank you for the follow up on that, man! Yeah, that’s what the SGU episode talked about, link here : Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe Episode 262 – Segment: Anti-Vax in Oz

  • Arkais

    By crazy coincidence, this week’s episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit is actually going to be about Vaccinations.

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