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Posted by Cap on July 16, 2010

EBM inks editAs chronicled in Season 3 Episode 5 “Bring Da Amber Lamp Corps” and Episode 15 “Blackest Night Song Fight”Epic Beard Man, has battled in the War of Light and triumphed. No perpetrator can withstand his powerful punches, strong as petrified resin.  Many amber lamps were brought to cart away the dead and dying who refused to spit shine his Stacy Adams and young Amber, seeing his elderly strength, pledged her love to him forever.

This coming weekend is Nerdapalooza, and Nerdy Show will be selling Amber Lamp Corps shirts and caps there.  We’re likely to sell out and when we sell out, they’re gone.  We don’t know if there’s ever gonna be another run of these, not even a Blue Lantern can recharge them.  So order NOW before our stocks are depleted!

Join Da Amber Lamp Corps

The t-shirts feature Da Amber Lamp Corps emblem in the front, the Lantern-style Nerdy Show logo on the sleeve, and Da Amber Lamp Corps oath on the back:

In the Jungles of Nam, on the county bus,
no transgressor shall escape this old cuss.
My old man strength will fight for what’s right.
I am a MOTHERFUCKER… da amber lamps might!

EMB’s very own Amber Lamp cap is embroidered with Da Amber Lamp Corps emblem in the front and the Lantern-style Nerdy Show logo on the back.

Just click the image below to go to the store and order yours TODAY!


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