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Episode 25 :: ComiCon Carne

Posted by Hex on July 28, 2010


comicon carneThis summer has been fat-packed with events and they keep coming.  Riding on the heels of Nerdapalooza is the mother of ’em all – San Diego Comic-Con.  In recent years the convention has become so much more than comic books – it’s the nerd media event with EVERYTHING: movies, teevee, video games, comics, action figures – the whole savory enchilada of pop culture smothered in a verde sauce of geeky juices. It’s a lot to handle!

Nerdy Show has tasted the many flavors of Comic-Con’s meaty soup and picked out the most delicious nuggets of news including the Marvel films, the Green Lantern movie, and other outstanding comic film showings like The Goon! Joining us to talk about his first hand V.I.P. experience in San Diego is A Comic Show and Bleeding Cool‘s Aaron Haaland.  Plus: stabbings, protests, and cosplay bank robberies, hurray!

We also talk about the forthcoming release of PC Gaming blockbuster – Starcraft 2 and Cap give his review of the epic new X-Box Arcade game Limbo and more more more!


  1. Henchmen :: Kirby Krackle Henchman
  2. Boot Straps :: Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire
  3. Dokuta Wairi, Rival to the Light :: Sixto Sounds
  4. Everclear Hangover IV :: The Crakaz
  5. Heights :: Linde
  6. Thunder Jack Flash :: G3RSt
  7. Penpal :: Anamanaguchi
  8. Cost of Living :: Torrentz
  9. Dr. Jones :: Sci-Fried
  10. Hero vs. Villain :: King Pheenix
  11. Only an Expert [Tech Support Glitch Mix] :: Laurie Anderson Only
  12. Title Screen (16-Bit Firefly) :: Doctor Octoroc


  • OmniG

    Wow…. I am now a fan of Sixto (I liked their music before but still that was AMAZING).

  • You show has lots of good.

  • great show this week boys!

  • Ian

    Great show this week, but you guys were mistaken about the cost of Starcraft 2. $100 million was the development cost of World of Warcraft, not Starcraft 2.

  • Cap


    Well, actually it looks like the Wall Street Freaking Journal was wrong. How the hell does that happen?! Epic fail on their part.

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