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Episode 24 :: Nerdapalooza AFTERMATH

Posted by NerdyShow on July 23, 2010

Nerdapalooza AftermathExhausted and scatter-brained we relive the excitement of Nerdapalooza while it was still fresh in our minds, the day after. As you can probably guess from the lateness of this podcast, we are ALL really sore from Nerdapalooza. It was a spectacular weekend and all of us had a great time. We have a LOT of great memories to share as well as a few awards to hand out for the unbridled awesomeness that was on display.  We have interviews from the festival with the girls from the Epic Win Burlesque, the boys of Fangamer, and Steffo from My Parents’ Favorite Music along with his cohort, B-Type aka Misterb. Tune in for all that AND our special guests, Shael Riley and Double Ice Backfire guitarist, Ty Guenley.  Nerdapalooza 2010, you kicked our ass, and it was outstanding.


  1. Double Rainbow (ft. Yosemitebear) :: The Gregory Brothers Double
  2. Nerdapalooza Freestyle :: Shinobi, Shammers, 3P!C-1, and Random
  3. Starcraft is Racist :: Shammers
  4. Left4Dead :: THE BOSSFIGHTS
  5. Pump Up the Bass :: Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire
  6. Hobbie Model (Live in the Studio) :: Shael Riley & Ty Guenley
  7. Chinese Ninja Warrior (Live in the Studio) :: Shael Riley & Ty Guenley
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody :: Nerdapalooza 2010 Audience
  9. Villi People/Anything But Tangerines :: Tommy Tallarico
  10. Everything I Know :: Insane Ian
  11. Magic :: Mick Smiley Magic
  12. Living in Threed :: Radiator
  13. Mr. Roboto / Due Vendetta :: The Protomen

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