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Episode 23 :: Powering Up to ‘Palooza!

Posted by Hex on July 14, 2010

PALOOZA!Someone set us up the bomb, ’cause this ish is about to explodeNerdapalooza 2010 is this weekend and we’re MCing it!  In order to power up for this momentous occasion we’re pre-gaming stating NOW on energy drinks and chili dogs in-between running obstacle courses for gold rings… basically gaining a starman infinity buzz that’s gonna last all weekend.  If we seem distant it’s ’cause we’re on another realm fumbling around or Chaos Emeralds… What am I even talking about anymore?  Hey!  What the God damn is a “palooza” anyway?  We’d better find out!

As part of our preparation we’ve been joined by the high-class nerd musician George Hrab, a prime figure in the skeptic music scene.  He talks about some of the cool stuff he’s got in store for us at the festival, what being a “skeptic” is all about, and the importance of killer album art.  RPG fans, get ready for an intense Dragon Quest IX review that will carpet bomb you with harsh truths as our man, Brandon picks apart this globally-anticipated game.  Wash all that down with some wearable bacteria, lesbian mice, and video game industry drama.. and don’t blame us if you’ve got a raging hangover.  SEE YA AT THE SHOW!

The Tracks:

  1. The Hounds :: The Protomen The
  2. Shrine of the Silver Monkey (ft. Steffo of My Parents Favorite Music):: MC COOL WHIP
  3. A Lot Like Me :: Schaffer the Darklord
  4. Geekquilibrium (FASTER Remix) :: Dr. Awkward
  5. Think For Yourself :: George Hrab Think
  6. Still More Fighting (Live at Nerdapalooza 2008) :: Random Encounter
  7. 2600 :: Positive Attitude 2600
  8. Sea Monsters :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew Sea
  9. Undefeatable (ft. Emergency Pizza Party) :: ZeaLouS1
  10. Gowron Said Knock You Out – 2010 Edition :: the great Luke Ski
  11. On and On :: Kirby Krackle On
  12. Nerdcore Rising (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009 ft. Beefy and MC Lars) :: MC Frontalot

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