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Episode 22 :: Were The Wild Things Are

Posted by Hex on July 7, 2010


were the wild things areZombies are on their way out, vampires are all the rage again, but there’s a new up-and-comer in the pop culture paranormal circuit… werewolves.  Sure, werewolves have been around a long time but they’ve never seen a surge in popularity like this before.  It seems like there’s an outbreak of lycanthropy in the western world and it’s hitting hard – with would-be teen wolves running amok in North American schools and shopping malls, even Nerdy Show has lost one of its number to the lupine side.

In this episode we rail on the nonsense of the Twilight series, look into real life teen wolves and explore their tragic wolven anguish on the internet and their hatred for the “hunters”.  Our werewolf discussion heats up when we place a call to Lunario Von Darkwolfe III, who claims to have been a werewolf for over seventy years and then get him on the phone with our duck huntin’ pal, Dean Wallace who may have bagged him a wolf-man or two in the past.

There’s plenty of comics, video games, and science mixed in with all this wolfy nonsense – but that’s not all.  What’s the craze that never waxes and wanes but is as immortal as the sea and sky?  NINJAS of course!  Masurao and Shinobi of Krondor Krew join us in the studio for some hardcore ninja-talk, armed to the teeth and sporting some sacred silver blades just in case they should be attacked by a were-creature.


  1. Big Bad Wolf :: Bunny and the Wolf Sisters
  2. Shooting the Moon :: OK Go Shooting
  3. This Toss :: MagiTek
  4. Bad Moon Werewolves (Warren Zevon vs. CCR) Cheekyboy
  5. Sneaking :: Krondor Krew Sneaking
  6. Adventure! :: Krondor Krew Adventure
  7. Sick Skills (ft. Schaffer the Darklord) MC COOL WHIP
  8. Resurrection of Breakbeat :: djpretzel
  9. NES Me An Angel :: Inverse Phase
  10. Chemixtrixx :: PrototypeRaptor
  11. Lorem Chipsum :: Virt
  12. They Moved the Moon :: Warren Zevon They

Werewolf Links:


  • Mitch

    Gotta be honest, that Warren Zevon/CCR mash up was absolutely atrocious. Oy vey!

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  • FYI you bleeped out Bob’s name initially, but you said it again later.

  • Ghouleh

    I can confirm that we’re experimenting with Human/Chimpanzee hybrids in Brazil. As part of the test, we’ve put one for four years to act as president.

    Heh, loved this episode. Lunario Von Darkwolfe III versus Dean Wallace was basically was epic.

  • Marsh

    Doesn’t that anti-splicer legislation infringe your American’s right to Bear Arms?

  • Cap

    BAAAA! That was an amazing lol. Thank you, my friend.

  • Fenrir Gochad

    What the…!!!

    Wolf Packs in north San Antonio!? Dang… I better be careful… I live in the North East part of SA, and I would bet it’s a matter of time before those sick furries… show up around my school…

    They may get shot though…

  • DDNeuro

    That dog probably tried to take her territory.

  • Was really…really hoping to get one of our songs on here. But it’s cool. Not like I would post any, well, EXPLICIT Mel Gibson-esque comments from you ghouls on the internetz (if, in fact, they do exist?)

  • Cap

    @Papa JOHn

    Oh shiii, is this one of Playing With Guns? If so, you’re totally right. Not having “Werewolves By Night” on this ep. was a CRIME. Our bad. But, this is no doubt not the last you’ve heard from us about werewolves. Whoever you be, send said track our way.

  • Cool beans. Will do. Great episode, BTW.

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