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Episode 021 :: More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Hex on June 30, 2010


More Than Meets the EyeHey Nerds, what do you chee-choo-chee-choo into?  A truck?  A sports coupe?  A microscope? A dinosaur with robot Down’s?  No matter what kinda doohickey you’ve got folded up inside you, if you’re more than meets the eye, or a robot in disguise, this episode’s for you.

The Transformers might be reeling with the ill effects of their super-shitty mainstream blockbuster films, but that doesn’t mean that America’s favorite Cybertronians are down for the count – hell no!  This past week was the annual Transformers celebration, BotCon and the release of an EPIC Transformers video game, War For Cybertron, that does what no Transformers story has ever done before: chronicle the planet-dividing civil war between Autobots and Decepticons.  It’s never the wrong time to show your love for something way cool and nerdy, but even better when the stars align so you can do it right!

In this episode we talk about our favorite incarnations of the Transformers, the glory of the 1986 animated film, and much more – including what secret things Nerdy Show transforms into, and interviews with indie comics cool guy Jeffery Brown author of the astounding Transformers parody Incredible Chang-Bots, and Dr. Vern of sci-fi rock band, Sci-Fried whose music is coming soon to both Nerdapalooza and a similarly-themed major cable network.  All that plus SCIENCE and… a girl!?

The Tracks:

  1. Transformers Theme :: Lion The
  2. Cybernetic Circuits :: Optimus Rhyme Cybernetic
  3. When I Was Your Age :: George Hrab When
  4. World’s Worst Drum Programmer :: Shael Riley
  5. Go Chewey Go (live) :: Steve Poltz
  6. First World Problem :: MC Frontalot First
  7. Saturday Night on SyFy :: Sci-Fried Saturday
  8. Fifty-One :: Sci-Fried   [Nerdy Show Exclusive]
  9. Punch-Out!! :: Emergency Pizza Party
  10. Dare to be Stupid :: “Weird Al” Yankovic Dare
  11. Mind Games :: Devo Mind
  12. Nothing’s Gonna Stand In Our Way :: Spectre General Nothin's

Episode 021 Accessory :: The WTF of The Headmasters

We get into some pretty zany Transformers talk in this show, and it’s cool as hell, but this… this is in a world all it’s own.  An accessory to the action robot that is Episode 21, where not only do we get into some more hardcore Transformers talk, but we attempt to figure out one of the most confusing and ill-explained pieces of Transformers lore: The Headmasters.

Accessorize Episode 21 HERE


  • Purple – Extended Remix ::  8-Bit Bandit

The Links:

  • 3rr0r

    The transformers wiki is called Teletraan-1, after the super-computer (voiced by Casey Kasem) in the crashed Autobots ship (Gen 1 of course, nothing else is canonical).

  • unknowngamer

    In regards to Mike asking if Cybertron is in Green Lantern Corp space, some people would like to think so

  • Shawn

    The Transformers The Movie Soundtrack = Very first tape(Yes, tape) I ever bought with my own money. I’m old. Very sad that there’s no Stan Bush in this episode! C’mon Hex, you’ve got the touch!

  • Ghouleh

    In the episode, it was said that “what kind of Transformer would you transform into” was a, matching with MC Frontalot’s, “First World Problem”.

    Allow your unofficial Brazilian stalker to disagree, yes?

    Also, loved “Paul is Undead”. Keep it up.

  • DDNeuro

    I betcha Mike also had a dream he was Mario’s girlfriend.

  • DDNeuro

    Also, the sun sounds like time compression.

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