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Episode 019 :: Peaks Freaks

Posted by NerdyShow on June 3, 2010


peaks freaks 300As you’ve no doubt gathered from our recent episodes, we’re in love with the X-Box game, Alan Wake and its live action prequel, Bright Falls. But alongside our excitement for this new game is our love for one of Wake‘s primary influences: David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the monumental television series and Nerdy Show has put together a spectacular show in its honor.  So lock the doors on your cabin in the woods, scarf down some donuts and pie, and enjoy a damn good cup of coffee (or a nice fist full of Garmonbozia as the case may be) – this episode will possess you with its awesomeness.  The Nerdy Show gang is joined by evil man and nerd rapper extraordinaire, Schäffer the Darklord – a Peaks fan so old school he’s got the original broadcasts on VHS, and Matt Haley, the comic book artist who nearly got Twin Peaks continued as a graphic novel.

In this episode Haley gives the plot lines of what would have been the Season 3 Graphic Novel and drops some major truth bombs about what you think you know about Twin Peaks.  We also share our favorite parts of the series, our own paranormal experiences, and go in-depth with what links Alan Wake and Twin Peaks as well as what makes each surreal suspense-thriller so unique and amazing.

If you haven’t watched Twin Peaks before, then you’re definitely going to want to after this episode.  Get your Netflix ready, check them out on iTunes in HD (better than the DVD quality), or see below for where you can watch the series online.  Boy, are you in for a treat.


  1. Falling (Twin Peaks Theme) – Angelo Badalamenti
  2. Excerpt from “Diane…” The Twin Peaks Tapes of Dale Cooper – Kyle MacLachlan
  3. Twin Peaks – mc chris
  4. Song of Storms – Random Encounter
  5. Go – Moby Moby - I Like to Score - Go
  6. Sprinkle Council – Yip-Yip Yip-Yip - Two Kings of the Same Kingdom - Sprinkle Council
  7. Excerpt from “Diane…” The Twin Peaks Tapes of Dale Cooper – Kyle MacLachlan
  8. Goodbye World (of Warcraft) – Super 8-Bit Bros. Super 8 Bit Brothers - Brawl (Bonus Track Version) - Goodbye Cruel World (Of Warcraft)
  9. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – Fantômas
  10. Nerd Lust (Live at Nerdapalooza 2008) – Schäffer the Darklord CD site
  11. BrainsBodyBoth – George Hrab George Hrab - Coelacanth
  12. Just A Game (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009) – My Parents Favorite Music CD site
  13. Geekquilibrium (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009) – Dr. Awkward CD site
  14. Excerpt from “Diane…” The Twin Peaks Tapes of Dale Cooper – Kyle MacLachlan
  15. A Writer’s Dream – Petri Alanko
  16. The Poet and the Muse – Old Gods of Asgard (aka Poets of the Fall)
  17. Excerpt from “Diane…” The Twin Peaks Tapes of Dale Cooper – Kyle MacLachlan
  18. Freshly Squeezed – Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks Links:

Alan Wake Links:


  • Ian

    Glad you re-released this episode with Mike’s MAJOR spoiler edited out. I’ve gotten used to Mike dropping spoilers out of nowhere, but to go so far as to spoil the killer of a murder mystery surprised me. Glad I’ve seen all of Twin Peaks otherwise that would have majorly bummed me out.

  • Cap


    Yeah, usually he “spoils” stuff that doesn’t really matter. But this time even he was like “why did I say that?” It sucks that it didn’t get removed when we thought it did. I really hope that most people have downloaded the fixed version by now with minimal casualties.

  • Dave

    I gotta admit that I never really got into the whole twin peaks thing because I was 3 years old when it aired. However I am a listener living nearby to L.A., and I have to ask if I heard correctly that you four are going to pillage the West Coast Wigout. I’m under the impression that at least Triforce mike is prone to fits of epic debauchery, and I for one will be happy to march into a cloud of short term memory loss and drunken stupor with your raiding party that renders me incapable of answering my concerned family as to where I have been for three days.

  • Cap



    We WILL be in L.A. for E3 and we’re going to the Wigout, and the VGChartz party. Come hang!

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