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E3 Vidcasts :: Magic: The Gathering Tactics

Posted by Cap on June 19, 2010


There is no doubt in Nerdy Show’s mind – Magic: The Gathering is the greatest collectible card game of all time.  It’s a gentleman’s game of strategy, cunning, and ruthlessness all set in a superbly rich fantasy setting with brilliant underlying stories.  There have been many attempts at Magic video games in the past, even quite recently, but none of them have ever really been able to bring the true feel of the game.  Whereas the most recent Magic game, Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers attempted to capture the feel of the card game it couldn’t compete with the real thing.  Magic : The Gathering Tactics attempts to change things up and bring the lore, look, and strategy of Magic to a new play style tailor made to rock the digital realm. Triforce Mike gets the scoop:

The game is still in pre-alpha so there’s much we don’t yet know.  We’ll keep you posted as it develops.

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  • Chet Awesomelazer

    Sadly Chet knows little of Magic. DO NOT THINK LESS OF CHET.
    But this looks pretty interesting.
    Chet should really play the game, though, before he decides to get into this. He’s played a couple times before, but only with a friend’s deck. Chet doesn’t have his own.

  • It definitely looks promising. I really hope they focus a lot more on gameplay and deck building than graphics and such. I just want a really solid game.

  • Cap

    @Jeff @ Buy Magic the Gathering

    It definitely looks like it has some solid mechanics behind it first and foremost. Like Magic, plus Tactics, plus something resembling actual deckbuilding and competition… yeah… something to watch.

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