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E3 Vidcasts :: DC Universe Online

Posted by Cap on June 19, 2010

Ever wonder why Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman & Robin never comes out?  It’s because series artist Jim Lee has spent the last three years or so working on DC Universe Online.  The MMORPG has only recently reared its head from development hell and packs it a tremendous punch: it allows for players to create their own unique characters within the DCU.  Geoff Johns is the principal writer and Jim Lee is executive creative director so that’s two things pointing towards a cool DCU experience, but how does this crazy dynamic work, how does it compare to all the other mainstream MMOs, and can you join the Lantern Corps?  All this and more:

Unsatisfied with the answers he’d found so far, Cap interviews Catwoman herself to try to claw at the E. Nigma of why she’s billed as a villain in DCU Online:

The story behind DCU Online will be expanded upon in another DC-produced 52 issue weekly comic, DC Universe: Legends.  Perhaps this’ll be the next big event after Brightest Day? We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Chet Awesomelazer

    Aight, Chet would be lying through his goddamned TEETH if he said that this looked anything short of amazing. Chet is having a nerdgasm here, and it’s looking like this could very well satiate his figurative HUNGER for an awesome online game that he might actually stick with.
    Fully-customizable superheroes doing battle with iconic DC villains with a variety of superpowers just sounds completely and totally bitchin’ for some reason, and Chet just needs to check it out.
    In short, “Sounds cool, bro.”

  • Cap

    @Chet Awesomelazer

    If you think this is cool… just wait until you see our video for The Old Republic! That game is gonna change MMOs forever. But yeah, DCUO is gonna be killer as well. Who can say no to that battle style? Nobody!

  • THANK YOU!!!! Finally a vid about DCUO that is worth my time! I’ve been looking everywhere for a video with the kind of substance you guys provided. Great interview, really dug into some of the questions I have about this game. Cant wait until this comes out! I’m thinking…Speedtster w/ light powers fo sho!

  • scooby83

    DCU onlne seems like a complete joke. You can’t control ANY of the DC heroes or villains. Its like a third person character RPG like City of Heroes.

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