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E3 Vidcasts :: The Sony & Nintendo Conferences

Posted by Cap on June 16, 2010


So it begins!  We kicked off our E3 experience right with the Nintendo press conference.  After last year’s disappointing display, The Big N needed to step up its game to keep the hounds at bay… and two words: holy shit.  Hands on with the 3DS – our minds were blown.

Next we had to hoof it over to the Sony party where we were wined and dined like fancy kings – it was an impressive spread… but the press conference was another story altogether.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, guys.  Stay tuned for some amazing hands-on experiences, first looks at incredible new games, and interviews with the people who made them!

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  • Mitch

    I want a grilled cheese. 🙁

  • OmniG

    Grilled cheese does sound pretty good about now, dammit now i gotta go buy bread.
    The look of brick sh*ting on Mike’s face alone makes me want to get a 3ds.
    I love how you guys are using the Mother/Earthbound music as your E3 theme, it somehow fits perfectly.

  • Chet Awesomelazer

    Wow, guys. This is just awesome. Now, in addition to D&D Chet Awesomelazer is a HUGE MOTHER fan, so he greatly appreciates the sound bits and thinks it’s great that Cap could do this. Don’t get me wrong- Chet loves all you guys, but EarthBound man… EarthBound.
    Anyways, it’s looking great. The editing was done well, and Chet appreciates all of your comments. Chet has been a Nintendo fan since he first got his SNES, and is SO GLAD that the Nintendo conference went over so well. He’s looking forward greatly to the 3DS, and anything new the Wii can dish out. Once again, guys. This is just great.

  • Hehheh…flesh pocket.

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