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Celebrate Cobra Month!

Posted by Cat on June 9, 2010

Cap’s project, Media Potluck is officially claiming June, 2010 as Cobra Month in celebration of Sylvester Stallone’s 1986 action film. One of Media Potluck’s goals is to highlight and give the star treatment to films, music, and other media that have had a large impact on our lives and should be shared with the world.

Why Cobra?  It’s a ridiculous, over-the-top movie about a cop who’s not afraid to kill to keep the streets clean.  It’s pretty cool.  Have a look at the trailer if you need proof.  All month long Media Potluck will be bringing you articles about the film, but how can you get involved in Cobra Month?

Help Us Remake Cobra

We’re enlisting the internet to help us re-imagine Cobra in an intentionally low-budget, “sweded” version.  Check out these great examples of sweded versions of Blade Runner by the Dokkoi Company or Jurassic Park and The Dark Knight by Push It Films for examples. Working with our friends at Pony Ghost Productions and YOU we’re going to accomplish this with no money, a love for explosions, and a whole lot of matchsticks.

Here is how it works:

  • We’ve broken Cobra down to a series of key sequences. We will be shooting the first sequence to get things started and then its open game from there!
  • Drop us a line at, get a sequence to direct, and start making your part of the film. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The key is to focus on originality and thinking outside of the box. How are YOU going to film Night Slasher getting thrown on to a hook and into a fire with no budget? Figure it out!
  • Complete, edit, and turn your portion of the film in to us by June 19th (details when you e-mail). We’ll place all the sequences together, add the credits, and finally post the finished product online to share.

Join Cap and co. Friday, June 11th in East Orlando for filming!

For click HERE for time, place, and more info.

Learn More About Cobra

First listen to the podcast Nick from Media Potluck recently recorded with our buddy Jim DeSantis over at Movie Brain Rot. The episode is dedicated entirely to discussing and analyzing Cobra and its place in our nation’s history and pop-culture psyche. You can also read the accompanying article we wrote about the film and podcast.  If you love movies, you’ll love this hilariously intense discussion.

Also visit Craig Zablo’s Stallone Zone for some great Cobra information.

On Twitter

Post your favorite lines, memories and impressions of Cobra on twitter with the tag #cobrafilm. Follow @mediapotluck!

Submit Content

Send Media Potluck your thoughts, reviews, critical analysis, fan fiction/art or whatever you feel so inclined to create for Cobra Month. Written, video, and audio formats accepted. Send to

Happy Cobra Month!

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