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Nerdy Show’s Warioware D.I.Y. – PK Siege

Posted by Cat on May 10, 2010

Perhaps you remember a month ago when I published my extremely NSFW review of Warioware D.I.Y. Since then I’ve continued to learn the ways of the game and master all of its skills and exhaustive but educational challenges so that my first microgame would be perfect.  I’m at long last proud to present you Nerdy Co.’s first microgame, PK Siege:

In PK Siege you battle Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils Aime in the style of Earthbound’s fighting system.  The PSI ability, PK Pummel launches your fan love at Reggie (in the form of Mr. Saturns), and demands the release of Mother 3 in North America.  Of course, getting Mother 3 released in America is bit of a moot point these days.  We’ve all resigned that Mother 3 will never come out over here and the fan translation is amazing, so I for one am content.  This microgame pays homage to the astounding efforts of to raise awareness of the greatest RPG of all time and their exhaustive effort to make a statement to the Big N, in their many epic demonstrations of fan-power, such as the EB Siege.  Mine is not the first Earthbound-related microgame either, there are many great ones out there and no doubt more on the way.

I’ve sent this game to Nintendo for their Wario Award contest, so we’ll see what comes of that – . i.e. nothing ’cause the first volley of user-made micro games are in and some of them are mind-blowing.  Even if you don’t have a DS, get the WiiWare title D.I.Y. Showcase and check these out, seriously.

If you, dear internet person, have a kick-ass D.I.Y. game that you’d like to show off shoot us a comment, we’d love to see what your brains have cooked up.

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