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Episode 015 :: Blackest Night Song Fight

Posted by Hex on May 6, 2010

blackest night song fight 300The battle against the undead Black Lanterns has finally ended and the Brightest Day has dawned! The War of Light has left the universe in shambles, but all will be well, your champions of the Blackest Night Song Fight have been announced!

In this episode not only do we reveal the winners of our first Epic Fan Music Challenge, but take on all things comic book and space-related. Joining us is one of Nerdcore’s greats, and one of the only major nerd musicians who keeps up with current comics – Wordburglar. He shares with us his favorite moment of Blackest Night as well as all the cool projects that he’s involved with. We also interview R.E.B.E.L.S. writer and soon-to-be Green Lantern Corps. writer, Tony Bedard who gives us the low-down on what’s in store for DC’s space books in the Brightest Day. Finally, we launch into our long-awaited sci-tech discussion on the future of the U.S. space program- or at least we try to… sci-fi digressions abound!

EBM inks editAlso in this episode we revisit the lesser-known warrior in the War of Light, Epic Beard Man of Da Amber Lamp Corps, whom we met in Episode 5 of this season. You too can join Da Amber Lamp Corps, check out the official merch at NERDY STORE.


  1. Twilight Invasion :: Jay Tholen
  2. Night of the Living Christ :: Schaffer the Darklord Schaffer The Darklord - Mark of the Beast - Night of the Living Christ
  3. Ring Capacity :: Kirby Krackle Kirby Krackle - E for Everyone - Ring Capacity
  4. Everybody Move (Gold N’ Fly Remix) :: TechN9ne vs Goldeneye by Alex Kresovich
  5. The Blackest Night (Rise) :: Fight to Live
  6. Rise :: Twitch Kx
  7. Wordburglar :: Wordburglar
  8. Keep It Movin (ft. D-Ray and More or Les) :: Wordburglar Wordburglar - Burgie's Basement: B-Sides, Rarities & Remixes - Keep It Movin (feat. D-Ray & More or Les) (Top Billin Mix)
  9. Up Skirt :: Seth Jabour
  10. The Blackest Night :: Smixx
  11. Tron Scherzo (Sark’s Revenge Mix) :: 8-Bit Weapon
  12. Brain Eating Space Men :: Playing with Guns


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