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Episode /34/

Posted by Hex on April 29, 2010

Episode34 bars 300

Click for the uncensored NSFW version

What!? Episode 34? Isn’t this episode 14? Do the math!  This is out 34th episode since we started numbering episodes back in season 2 and to commemorate this very special occasion, boy, have we got a treat for you…

  • Exclusive Rule 34 art
  • Commemorative desktops
  • 2 outstanding guests
  • 3 awesome interviews
  • And a super sexy contest.

This very NSFW Nerdy Show features a ton of special features and some very distinguished guests.  Joining us for this entire blockbuster episode are master /34/ artists, T. Catt and VP who share in our rousing (and arousing) discussion of the beloved RULE 34 – its past, its present, and its future.  Is Rule 34 a new form of pop art?  Where’s the line between erotic and lolz? And which of us was first to seduce Hex’s Aunt Nancy?  All this – plus our hopes and fears for X-Men versus Vampires and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Also in this episode are interviews with sexy art guru Frank Cho, a chica from the stranger side of /34/, local-shop, and Andy Price, an artist who’s never heard of Rule 34, but has been making it since 1990.  This episode is EPIC WIN.


Draw us some Rule 34 art – could be anything, but YOU have to make it.  Send it in by May 15th.  Our top 3 entries get a high quality 16×16″ poster print of this episode’s uncensored cover art and the first place winner also gets Cap’s original art of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy!  Schwing!  Send ’em to

More contest details HERE.

Episode /34/ Desktops & MORE

Commemorative desktop versions of the uncensored artwork for you to pimp out your comp with as well as the original individual artworks! Check ’em out HERE

Also…  Ask Triforce Mike anything!

The Tracks

  1. Pr0n Song :: MC Frontalot MC Frontalot - Nerdcore Rising
  2. Can I Watch You? :: Kirby Krackle Kirby Krackle - E for Everyone
  3. Diamond Dolls :: Shael Riley
  4. Catch :: Dr. Awkward
  5. Laura, I Need Medicine :: Marc with a C Marc With a C - Human Slushy - Laura, I Need Medicine
  6. The Bleep Out Song (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009) :: Fred Lives & The House of Black CD site
  7. Freeze Ray :: Doctor Octoroc
  8. Voicemail Freestyle : Mike Weibe ::
  9. Do You Believe in a Life After Thugs? :: Astronautalis & DJ Fishr Pryce
  10. Uncanny (ft. MC Lars) :: Beefy Beefy - With Sprinkles - Uncanny [f. MC Lars]
  11. Let’s Get Romantical :: Wordburglar Wordburglar - Burglaritis - Let's Get Romantical
  12. The Positronic Pimp :: Futuristic Sex Robotz

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