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Episode 013 :: Dystopia

Posted by Hex on April 21, 2010

dystopia 300In the past, there was a vision of the future that was in ruins. There were also hover cars, laser guns, robits, and all kinds of awesome other stuff.  That was future supposed to be yesterday.  Where’s our goddamn dystopia?! Fortunately, The Protomen were more vague about when our ruined future will come.  200x could be anytime this century!  When it finally comes it’ll be in all sorts of yummy flavors such as Strawberry Homicide Awareness and Pink Lemonade Rebreather – yum!

We talk about Blade Runner, Final Fantasy VII, Brazil, and other popular favorites from pop culture’s ruined tomorrows and we’re joined by THE PROTOMEN (all of ’em) for their second appearance on Nerdy Show.  (Check out their first appearance back in Season 1).  We also discuss the glorious comic book announcements made at C2E2 and Cap reports on what he saw at this year’s Major League Gaming Championship including interviews with two pro players, SK from the Halo 3 team, Triggers Down and ESAM the best Pikachu in Smash Brothers Brawl.

The Tracks

  1. Through the Herald and Flames :: The Ranger v. Dragonforce
  2. Anxious Hearts :: Jan Van Valburg and Stephen Kennedy
  3. Wake Up (It’s 1984) :: Oingo Boingo Oingo Boingo - Good for Your Soul - Wake Up (It's 1984)
  4. Secrets From the Future :: MC Frontalot MC Frontalot - Secrets from the Future - Secrets from the Future
  5. I Will Repossess Your Heart :: Marc with a C
  6. Blink :: Snake Eyes
  7. Birdwater Highway :: Grand Buffet Grand Buffet - Five Years of Fireworks - Birdwater Highway
  8. Clash of Eras 2A03 :: Kenogu Labz
  9. The Will of One :: The Protomen The Protomen - The Protomen - III: the Will of One
  10. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday :: The Protomen
  11. Father of Death :: The Protomen The Protomen - Act II: The Father of Death - Father of Death
  12. Ruby’s Rap :: Chris Tucker
  13. Brazil :: Geoff Muldaur Michael Kamen - Brazil - Brazil - Geoff Muldaur

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