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Episode 011 :: Duck Hunt!

Posted by Hex on April 7, 2010

duckHunt copy

Load up the truck and dust off your zappers, cuz we gon’ have ourselves a DUCK HUNT.  This episode celebrates both the 25th anniversary of the legendary light gun game and the April Fools day release of The Official Duck Hunt HD Remix Album.  With us on the show we have two of the minds behind this unprecedented and certainly unexpected audio shin-dig,  Rama of and Starla, remixer extraordinaire. We also call in Dean Wallace, an authentic duck hunter, to tell us how it REALLY goes down amidst the cattails.

This episode also marks the release of the Blackest Night finale, hear our wild impressions and excited theories on the future of the DCU!  Mike talks about the new Doctor Who, and there are plenty of classic Nerdy Show tangents. You won’t want to miss out on this and have that damn dog laughing at you AGAIN!

ALSO – Don’t forget to RSVP for the April 15th Protomen show in Orlando, and check out Cap’s NSFW review of the latest Warioware game – it must be seen to be believed.

  1. My Very First Laser Gun :: TH3HT
  2. Duckbreaka :: Chlorophil
  3. Why Can’t I Shoot the Dog? (ft. the Gothsicles) :: Devo Spice
  4. Du ckHunt :: Chozo Ninpo
  5. Money :: Brad Smith / Pink Floyd
  6. Modular 69 :: Orgasmic Alliance
  7. Music of My Duck :: Shael Riley
  8. DuckMeatl :: Piglett
  9. PK Mash :: Brian Eager
  10. Duck Hunt :: The Adventures of Duane and BrandO
  11. You’ll Never Get Away With This! (ft. Beefy) :: Mustin Mustin - Vision Quest - You'll Never Get Away With This! Feat Beefy (He-Man)
  12. Skankenstein :: Torrentz
  13. Slaughter Ya Oughta :: MC Face
  14. Terrahunt :: Me Fight Monster


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