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Episode 010 :: Geek Mythology

Posted by Hex on March 31, 2010

Tmythology 300he stars have aligned over geekdom and the ancient world has returned.  Between God of War III rocking video game land and Clash of the Titans once again gracing the silver screen, this week is shaping up to be one of mythological proportions.  This Nerdy Show celebrates the adventure, revelry, inter-species lovemaking, and big sausage pizzas that make Greek/Roman mythology so much fun.  Let’s face it, those cultures may have been milestones in art, culture, and human progress, but they were really freakin’ weird.

We also speak to two outstanding and innovative individuals whom we met at MegaCon.  First is Brandon Davis, a professional robot battler with impeccable fashion sense, and then we get in-depth with puppet and animatronics master, Dave Barclay, who’s been a part of Return of the Jedi, Dark Crystal, and Little Shop of Horrors, to name but a few of his crowning achievements.

Ancient mysteries and mirth abound!  Learn how to turn into a swan and pick up chicks!  It’s all here.


  1. Geek Mythology :: Big Beat Battalion
  2. Awakening the Giant :: MrMilkcarton
  3. I, Cactus / Beastie Boys Mashup :: jeffmk
  4. Good Weekend :: Art Brut Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll (Bonus Track Version) - Good Weekend
  5. 7 Evil Exes :: Former Fat Boys
  6. Scott Pilgrim Theme Tune :: Anamanaguchi
  7. Kid Icarus (ft. MC Scagnettie) :: Emergency Pizza Party
  8. New Edition :: Krondor Krew
  9. Hellen Keller in Space (Live at Nerdapalooza 2009) :: MC COOL WHIP CD site
  10. Two Years Before the Mast :: Astronautalis Astronautalis - Pomegranate - Two Years Before the Mast
  11. Wrong Calibration :: Pocketmaster
  12. Guinevere (ft. K. Flay) :: MC Lars & YTCracker Kflay, MC Lars & YTCracker - The Digital Gangster LP - Guinevere


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  • Zeus

    “Ancient mysteries and mirth abound! Learn how to turn into a swan and pick up chicks! It’s all here.”


    Thanks for the tribute guys, I appreciate it. 😛

    But seriously, what a coincidence.

  • Phrozt

    I like to check ppl of walmart from time to time.. and I just happened to run into this gem while listening to the podcast:

    Also, I’ve officially listened to too much nerdy show, because when I saw the image selected to represent this episode, I immediately thought “penis” when I saw the right front leg of the centaur :/.

  • Cap


    Ya know… I thought about shooping a wiener into there, turns out I didn’t need to!

    The brainwashing is complete.

  • Phrozt

    Mike, why are you posting on Cap’s account?

  • Cap



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