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Episode 008 :: Pokésode

Posted by Hex on March 17, 2010

pokesode 300At long last, the Pokésode!  Where we give (almost) unabashed love to all 493 Pokémon!  Well, we all know Mike is the true Pokémaniac/Poképhile amongst us, the rest of Nerdy Show are just along for the ride.  But, to make things interesting, we’ve brought back our atrocious counterparts from Overclocked After Dark to revel in our Pokédecadence.

We’re also recovering from a weekend of elbow-rubbing, cosplaying, and geek reveling at  Megacon.  Our MegaCon love will be spread out all month long with celebrity and conventioneer interviews every week.  First up is none-other than Lea Thompson (Lorraine from Back to the Future and Beverley from Howard the Duck) and Kristin, a Pokémaniac cosplayer whose Scyther costume shows ol’ #123 some serious fan-love.

To quote Mike, this is probably our sexiest episode yet! Listen closely for an AMAZING bump from one of the upcoming interviewees!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, photos from Megacon, courtesy of Hex’s Best Friend Bob.


  1. Pokemon 1 :: DJ RoboRob
  2. Lavendar Town :: Fanatical, B-Tyle, & B0wlman
  3. 8-Bit Constellations :: Shmallowman
  4. Waves of Stone :: Level 99, Moonlapse, OA
  5. PokeMETALLY :: The PokeMEN
  6. Victory :: BONKERS
  7. Polkamon :: “Weird Al” Yankovic
  8. Bramble Reprise :: Joshua Morse
  9. Rarest of Elements :: Shael Riley
  10. Howard the Duck :: Thomas Dolby & Lea Thompson
  11. The NESsage from Dr. Light :: Inverse Phase
  12. The Very Best :: Taylor Wade


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